Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nazi punks are linking to my blog

It was one thing when right-wing pundit Andrew Bolt was linking to my curry-bashing post.

But now I've got some white supremacists linking to one of my articles too - it's this Guess Who's Asian post, which is basically about how there are many famous people who are part Asian. My blog stat analysis program tells me that there I'm getting a few links to that post from a site belonging to the Creativity Movement. Now, while that name doesn't sound too bad (sounds like something artistic, right?), it is actually an organisation of white supremacist skinheads who love to speak fondly of the RaHoWa (Racial Holy War).

Now, the site is blocked to non-members so I don't know exactly what they are saying there, or why exactly they are linking to my post. I can imagine the accompanying dicussion goes something like this however:

"Oh, gosh, how terrible! All these people are impure, with non-white blood! Heavens, the sky is falling, white people are so oppressed and endangered! I feel so inadequate about my crappy life that I have to hate on people different to me in order to feel good about myself! Blacks/Asians/Jews/etc are all so ugly/stupid/backward/devious, but we pure white people are so freakin' awesome! Hooray for white people!"

You get the picture.

Creativists, I dedicate this song to you. F*ck y'all.

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  1. Or maybe it was something like:

    "Shannyn Sossamon and Kirk Hammett are Asian??? Ooooh, now I must stop my sexual fantasies about them."

    I guess.