Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Miss Indonesia in sex cult rumours

I don't want anyone to think I'm writing a gossip column here, so let me say from the outset that this story is probably mostly bollocks. But here it is anyway, from the Malaysian website Daily Chili:
A fresh storm is brewing around controversial Miss Indonesia 2009 Kerenina Sunny Halim. The 23-year-old beauty has admitted that she is a member of The Family International, a “non-governmental-organisation” for which she did humanitarian work in Aceh after the Asian tsunami in 2004. Kerenina, whose American mother and Indonesian father were members, was born into the organisation. The Family International is the modern day spawn of The Children of God – and admits as much on its website. The name was changed in the 1980s after negative publicity forced it “underground”. Founded in California in 1968 by David Brandt Berg, The Children of God was a counter-culture evangelical group with a foundation of biblical fundamentalism – and bonking. Berg, who was also addressed as “Moses”, “Chairman Mo” or “Dad”, preached free love to his followers, to the extent that females were encouraged to go into the world and engage in “flirty-fishing” of men: essentially to use sex to proselytise, according to the Mail and Guardian Online.
First and foremost, there just aren't enough journalistic articles these days that use the term "bonking."

Reckon that article will actually increase the attraction of The Family International? Because reading the whole article through my "guy" lenses, the stuff about brainwashing and alleged pedophilia of the cult leader was less important than the words "bonking", "free love" and "Miss Indonesia". Which naturally leads to conclusions like:

"Hmm... join up, then hopefully bonk Miss Indonesia... seems like the kind of religious movement I could really get behind..."

Of course, I don't really want to be in a cult, what with all that brainwashing and all ... Are cults still giving out free Nike shoes and Kool Aid these days? I wonder if they have a 30-day-trial or something...? A lot can be accomplished in that time...

...like having my ass kicked by Mrs Eurasian Sensation. Oh well, there goes that idea.

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  1. What makes you say: "this story is probably bollocks"? If you truly are not interested in gossip, then the facts are easy enough to find. Let me help you. I can assure you this story is completely true and accurate.

    I am a lawyer and human rights activist in Canada. I wrote an article about Miss Indonesia being a cult member on my blog and that article is the source of recent media reports on this scandal. Here's the link to my blog article:

    At the end of that article I provide many links where you can find out more facts about the dangerous cult The Family International, formerly the Children of God.

    At the following link is a series of articles from South Africa that covered this scandal there. http://www.perrybulwer.com/religion-and-child-abuse-news/2009/12/12/miss-world-organizers-fail-to-legally-gag-mail-guardian-over.html