Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hungry Beast

I never really got into the ABC's program Hungry Beast, which finished for the year this week. To me it was a little too scattershot, and trying a bit too hard at times, and its blend of serious left-wing issues and collegiate humour almost worked, but not quite. But occasionally they hit the mark, and thanks to all the episodes being up online, I've been able to check out a few that I didn't get a chance to see. Here are a couple of their segments which are relevant to the sort of thing I cover on this blog. They are from mid-October.

How Intolerant is Australia?

Post-Race Rules


  1. I thought Hungry Beast missed the mark on quite a few things. Both those videos made me cringe, especially when the n word was used. As much as the second video was trying to be satirical I think it would have been better to actually explain racism. I know a lot of Australians agree with the racist comments in the first video so I don't think it really helps to show one side and then an ironic/satirical version of that same one side.
    It reminds me of when a friend of mine joined some Australian pride group on facebook which was filled with racist crap and then proceeded to write a really racist comment, claiming to me that it was "ironic" and that it was meant to somehow show those people their stupidity. Completely useless if you ask me.

  2. ^ Hey Sam. Yeah I agree that Hungry Beast doesn't quite get it right with either of those sketches, but I thought the second one was interesting because it does touch on the changing context of certain kinds of racial language.

    I'm interested in what your friend's "really racist comment" was, was it just racist or was it clever in a way that would actually mock the racist group?

    I think you'd find this picture interesting, by the way:

  3. It wasn't clever at all, it was just, I guess 'over the top'. I can't remember exactly what it was but it was written with really bad spelling/ grammar and lots of swearing stating that he and his friends had been mugged by 'abos' and that foreigners need to get out of the country. I assume he was trying to write it as a 'bogan' and show that people who are racist are uneducated and stupid.
    When I complained about it to him he said:
    "I personally believe that ridiculing them and showing them how idiotic they sound is a more effective attack than complaining to them. Although plenty of other people don't even seem to have realised I was taking the piss so maybe you're right"

    As for the picture, I think that's more obviously satire and that it really does make a point.