Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Glenn Beck disses poor people, Indians and India. What a c**k.

Ever hear people talk about the stereotypical "ugly American" and wonder who they were referring to? Well here he is, ladies and gentlemen. Watch this rant from Fox News' ideologue Glenn Beck and tell me you don't feel like punching the guy in his smarmy fat entitled face.

Remember, this is the same Glenn Beck who claimed Barack Obama was a racist. Takes one to know one, I guess.

Why would anyone want to go abroad and pay $12,500 for hip replacement surgery in India when they could pay $40,000 at home in the US? Hmmm, I can't imagine why... perhaps they don't make $23 million a year like Beck does. His total ambivalence to the plight of the less well-off is staggering even from a right-winger.

(See, if you are a US citizen who gets severely sick and can't afford a life-saving operation, you have two choices. You can go overseas and get a cheaper one. Or you can die.)

But if that weren't enough, then he had to go diss an entire country. Beck better hope he never has to go to India for any reason, because there are plenty of folks who would tear him a new one over there.

Comparing the Ganges River to a disease? That's a site of holy significance in Hinduism. I know Beck couldn't care less about what brown people believe in, but that sh*t just ain't cool, man.

Oh, and there are an estimated 35,000 doctors in the US who are of Indian descent, many of whom are immigrants who have studied at Indian universities. I wonder how they feel about their expertise and education being compared to a $4 fake Gucci knockoff.

Is it just me, or is Beck trying to model himself as the right-wing Jon Stewart? Except, Stewart actually comes across as a nice guy who has some compassion for the little guy. Oh, and Stewart is also funny.



  1. How is he dissing India?

    He is ridiculing the SEIU which is a union. He is saying that a lot of American money goes into SEIU hands and that is the reason people go abroad.

    Nice try though.

  2. @ Anon - did you even watch that?

    The Ganges sounds like a disease? The quip about flushing toilets? The comparison to Indian medical care to a $4 Gucci knockoff?

    Surely he can make his point without ridiculing Indians.

  3. Bang out of order.