Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why it's good to have ugly friends

I came across this article recently in the Daily Mail. Apparently, research shows that standing next to folks who are less attractive has the effect of making you seem more attractive by comparison. I guess you probably knew that already, but someone has done a study which proves it.

No wonder so many people want to be my friend - I make them look good.

But is this really true? Because you could also argue that having unattractive people around you may actually have the opposite effect. Given that a lot of people, consciously or not, associate physical attractiveness with coolness, will having some uglies around you make you seem less cool?

Think about it this way. Just say I hung around with, for argument's sake, George Clooney. I think it's fair to say that if I'm standing next to Clooney, no one is gonna look over and say "Wow, that guy standing next to George Clooney is hot!" Mere mortals are going to pale into insignificance in such a situation, thus confirming the theory that its better to have unattractive rather than attractive friends.

BUT... could there be a counter-effect, in that once the initial dazzle of Clooney wears off, that people start thinking, "Wow, that guy is hanging out with George Clooney... he must be really cool." Thus, by hanging out with the uber-attractive guy, does it increase my chances of getting some cast-offs and sloppy seconds?

Then there is always the "Hugh Hefner Effect". Be seen with lots of beautiful people of the opposite sex, and people will start to assume there is some kind of attractive mystique about you, even if you are uglier than a bucket of arseholes.

Hmmmm... in any case, I'm making sure that my address book is stocked with a good balance of hotties and fuglies. You never know when you might need one.


  1. This is true. Forget about George Clooney (he's not particularly attractive anyway)- just go with the article. Ugly people make you look good. Period.

    I know this. People used me for this purpose several times. It worked.

    However, there are rules. You have to send a clear message of your coolness. Just act like those ugly people around you are not your real friends. Or, maybe they are, because you are so nice and polite to ugly folks. But not because you like their company. You must make sure you don't act like you really enjoy company of those ugly people.

    It works every time.

  2. Mira, some might see it as charity.

    "Aw, isn't he nice, letting those ugly people hang out with him. What a humanitarian. How attractive!"

  3. "Aw, isn't he nice, letting those ugly people hang out with him. What a humanitarian. How attractive!"

    True. However, it's tricky, especially for a guy. Many women don't consider "nice" guys attractive. Why going through all this trouble simply to get "nice guy" label? Not a wise thing to do.