Saturday, November 7, 2009

More Awesome Asian Ads: Indonesia

This first one is another of the "Axe Effect" commercials which are all thematically similar. It's funnier if you understand Indonesian. The excessively hot girl, taking a lollipop, asks, "Do you have chicken flavour?" and then "If you have it, give me a call, ya?"

And then there are those ads that defy rational explanation, but are worth watching nonetheless...

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  1. You know, this particular Axe effect ad doesn't sit right with me. I think it's sexist. I get this strong feeling that the 'ayam' flavor is playing on how 'ayam' is used as slang for 'female prostitutes'. e.g. 'ayam kampus' refers to girls who work as prostitutes to pay for their college money. But they're probably trying to camouflage it with the typical 'ayam flavor' Indo mie and what not, but I'm sure the men (i.e. target viewers) watching this ad would immediately think of the other 'ayam'.

  2. ^ Maybe. I wasn't aware of that connotation. I just read it as her wanting an excuse to give her number, by asking for something that clearly doesn't exist - a chicken-flavoured lollipop.

    But you may be right, you are more in touch with your Indo side than I am!

  3. >I wasn't aware of that connotation.

    No worries. Thought so. I only learnt it in the past year myself...I wasn't too happy to learn it though.