Thursday, November 26, 2009

Guess the ethnicity, part 2 - Spot the Eurasian!

Ok, see how you do with this. The last Can you guess their ethnicity post I did was a bit tricky, so I'm making it easier for you this time.

Have a look at the 11 pictures below. Some of them are Eurasian, having one Caucasian parent. Some of them are "pure" Asian (whatever you take that to mean). And 2 of them are complete red herrings, who are not Asian at all. (Just to keep things interesting.) Remember though that Asia is a big continent with a wide range of people - not everyone is going to look Chinese.

Shouldn't be too hard, especially considering they are all famous people (at least in their own part of the world). I'll provide the answers in the comments section.












How'd you do?

Check the comments section for the correct answers.

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  1. I recognize C & I, hong kong actors. B doesn't look Filipino, more Korean.

  2. Ok, here are your answers:

    A: EURASIAN - Indonesian actor Nicholas Saputra (German father, Indonesian mother)

    B: ASIAN - Hong Kong singer Janice Vidal (Filipino father/Chinese-Korean mother)

    C: EURASIAN - Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong Chau-Sang (English father, Chinese mother)

    D: NON-ASIAN - Moroccan tennis player Hicham Arazi

    E: ASIAN - American actress Tamlyn Tomita (Japanese father, Filipino-Japanese mother)

    F: NON-ASIAN - Native American actor Rudy Youngblood

    G: ASIAN - Indonesian actress Lola Amaria

    H: EURASIAN - Australian politician Penny Wong (Chinese-Malaysian father, Australian mother)

    I: ASIAN - actor Takeshi Kaneshiro (Okinawan father, Taiwanese mother)

    J: EURASIAN - Hong Kong actor Carl Ng (Chinese father, English mother)

    K: EURASIAN - Dutch footballer Denny Landzaat (Dutch-Indonesian parents)

  3. A and F are hot.

    Ok, I know it wasn't the question.

    I tried to guess correct answers, but I failed a big time. That's because I don't have any experience with non-white people (does this sound harsh?) I mean, I live in 100% white country, and I don't have money to travel (yes, it sucks).