Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yes, Eurasians are hot. Just ask science.

Having just watched John Safran's "Race Relations" show in which he repeatedly declares his attraction for Eurasians, I couldn't help agree with him. We are a pretty hot bunch of people. Obviously looks are subjective, and there are exceptions of course, but generally speaking, if you are Eurasian there's a good chance you are a bit of a looker.

And not just because I say so, either. Apparently it has a scientific basis. My homegirl Sheree recently sent me this article from a few years back, which gives clues to the Eurasian mystique:

"In the first study of its kind, Caucasians and Asians rated average Eurasian faces as more attractive than average faces of either race. They also judged Eurasian faces to be healthier, giving credence to theory that beauty is not solely determined by culture and the media, but has biological origins."

To be honest, from what little I know of this study, the methodology doesn't seem particularly convincing. But I'm happy to accept it, since it suits me to; I'd always knew I was stunningly attractive and now I have scientific proof.

The Eurasian look of course has gained in popularity in the West courtesy of celebrities like Kristin Kreuk, Keanu Reeves and Nicole Scherzinger (of the Pussycat Dolls). But in Asia, Eurasians are massive business. According to a 2001 article in TIME, luk kreung (half-Thai, half-Westerners) make up around 60% of the Thailand's media stars. While the publisher of Indonesia's top-selling women's magazine claims that an Indo (Eurasian) model on the cover will result in 2 or 3 times as many sales as a pure Indonesian model.

But was it always this way? Certainly not. In Asia, Eurasians have frequently been looked down upon as symbols of exploitation by the West, and particularly the exploitation of Asian women by Western men. This is because in some countries, Eurasians were the result of relationships between local women and US military servicemen, or products of the sex trade. And while this has mostly changed, there is some resentment at the increasingly domination of the media spotlight by Eurasians, at the expense of "real" Asians.

So what is it about the Eurasian look that proves so popular? Most generally, the look represents something exotic, yet not so different as to be too foreign. Considering Asians' ever-increasing exposure to the Western entertainment industry juggernaut, perhaps Eurasians reflect something trendy and Western, yet still Asian enough to be familiar. Eurasians who aren't particularly good-looking might still look "interesting" and standout in comparison.

Below are just a small selection of the Eurasians who have found megastardom in Asia.

Above: Paris-born, French-Indonesian actress and model Mariana Renata found stardom in the Indonesian flick Joni's Promise.

Above: English-Chinese actress and singer Karen Mok, a star in Hong Kong. Born Karen Joy Morris, her parents are both Eurasian.

Above: Korean-American Daniel Henney; the Michigan-born actor and model is just starting to make waves in the land of his birth, but is already a household name in Korea.

Above: Bangkok-born, Australian-raised (with an English father and Thai mother), Paula Taylor's success as a model and TV presenter in Thailand began while visiting family there.

Above: Malaysian VJ, TV presenter and model Asha Gill, born to English and Punjabi parents.

Want more Eurasian-ness? There's plenty here - lots of folks you may not have known to have Asian blood.

Or play "Spot the Eurasian" here.


  1. Ah Chris, you must have a sore neck from getting into those yoga positions to blow your own trumpet. ;-)

    "Goddamn you half-Japanese girls
    Do it to me every time"

  2. Well bonoboboy, when no one else is available to blow one's trumpet, sometimes you just have to do it yourself.

  3. ure not that stunningly attractive mate even though ure eurasian. ure kinda over the top actually, not saying eurasians arent hot but u aint that hot!

  4. @ Anonymous - over the top? Gee, you think so?

    I recommend you go to wikipedia and familiarise yourself with the following terms:

  5. Well, mixed race people are generally considered to be attractive. (Especially if they're mix of white + non-white. <- not necessarily my opinion, but that's how it's generally believed to be the case) There's even (!) stereotype about it.

    Let's face it- it does make sense biologically. Just like having a kid with your cousin was rarely a good idea (speaking of genetic), having a child with someone of a different race seems like a reasonable thing to do. You want your child to be strong, healthy, with least chance of genetic and other diseases.

    Mixing genes is good. That's why sex exists.

    But I think true answer is cultural:

    Most generally, the look represents something exotic, yet not so different as to be too foreign.

    Exactly. "Exotic, but familiar enough" seems like a good combination. To be attractive, you mustn't be really "strange", but you also want to be something more than "plain looking".

  6. kyrgyzstan = chinese people that speak russian and are generally at least a quarter russian too.
    theres a whole country full of them!

  7. I agree, people with mixed races are more attractive then people who are just one race.
    All the Eurasians i know and have seen are definetly hot!! They definetly stand out.
    Wish i was one, i'm 100% english and i'm just a plain boring jane.. sigh.

    1. I love your honesty, but come on Brits can be super hot...Eurasians need to start a club with Nathan Adrian as the poster boy...
      Mom Chinese/ Dad German, 6'3

    2. U sound super hot, can we see a pic please??

  8. Whaaat? I'm Eurasian and growing up I just wanted to be white so I would fit in. I didn't really feel a place where I belonged (we're very race conscious here), just grudgingly accepted. But things like this have changed a bit for me and my sister who are, as adults, well-known for our looks and have attention we're not used to, and it's weird after being the ugly duckling since I was a toddler. Sometimes the mix can enhance the weirder features of each race, though the results are definitely striking.

    1. i know what you mean! I'm eurasian too, and always wished i was white when growing up. my two sisters are grogeous, blonde green eyes typical princess look. i'd always wished i looked like them. when i was in i think year 8, guys started paying attention to me after ignoring me for the rest of my life. after spending my life cursing my asian part, it was really weird to wrap my head around the fact that people suddenly found me attractive haha

  9. The country I come from, everybody is eurasian. Seriously, we think we are a race of our own. But truthfully we are mixed. My region was always invaded hundreds of years back by mongols, tartars,turks, arabs and even greeks. So you can only imagine what we look like. I look a little caucasian, have chatoyant eyes, my first cousin looks thai eyez and facial features ( really cute though) .And we don't even think its weird. And that's cuz its the case all around us. And mind you there was no inter racial marriage in my family recently ,but maybe really LONG AGO. But its cool. Any guesses what my region is? :)

  10. Nope. Its the asian sub continent. Pakistan to be exact :) Cool blog by the way.

  11. Reeves as Eurasian looking? Based on what? Also him being "Asian"... well the accounts I found ranged from 1/4 to 1/32 so how much of an "eurasian look" would that guy have? I saw half-Vietnamese who look nothing like Vietnamese already and looked full Central European, except maybe for some small features but still.
    So while I can agree with Kreux I cannot agree about Reeves.

  12. eurasians are actually so overrated. they're the blandest mix, they either look full white or full asian so that defeats the whole"mixed people are exotic" thing applying to them cause they don't even look mixed. there are a few who are pretty but most are rather average or ugly. small chinky eyes and big bulbous noses what most eurasians end up looking like.

    1. Hey anonymous, I happen to really like girls with large noses, or at least interesting noses. I'm not a big fan of small noses, the kind like are supposed to be supermodel - Hot, or something. I really like almond shaped eyes, probably because I also have them (I'm Serbian -American), although that's not quite the same as the whole eyelid thing that, for example, many people from China have going on. Anyway, I'm just posting this to refute your idea of a universality of ugliness vs beauty, since there isn't one. I notice supposedly small noses, pale skin and blonde hair are apparently considered hallmarks of beauty in the fashion / modeling / entertainment world. Well fuck that, the hottest girl I've ever seen in my life is Eurasian, doesn't have a small nose, has brown hair and is really tan / dark (AKA HOTTT). She also has these amazing gray almond -shaped eyes, the same shape as mine. I think that she's the most beautiful girl in the world, and I also think you are racist for using the C word and are careless with your grammar, since you ended on a preposition.

    2. I take it your a full Asian, black or white trash... They are the hottest by far

  13. As a first generation Eurasian with second generation Eurasian kids, I will tell you that it is not cool to be one. Nobody accepts you from either side as you are not pure blooded. As one, I wish I was not. Pure blooded people just make a racist world. Being from multiple races/countries, Eurasians are really incapable of being racist, as that would mean not liking a part of yourself. but unfortunately, one, or all parts that make up a Eurasian are usually racist against us, so what is so great about it? Unless we create a world with no countries, no borders, no labelling(race/nationality) no prejudices, no pure breeds, we will always be targets.