Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Three Indian students bashed and robbed in Sunshine

The attacks on young Indian men continue in Melbourne. This time, 3 students were walking home from Sunshine Station on Thursday night around 10:30. They were approached from behind by a group of up to 6 men, who demanded wallets and phones. One of the Indian students handed over phones and fled, but the other two were beaten and robbed by the gang.

The assailants are described as dark-skinned with curly hair.

Given the brazen nature of this attack, barely 300 meters from Sunshine Station, I wonder what the police are doing in that area. Sunshine Station has been the epicentre of so many violent robberies and assaults, particularly against Indians. Several months ago, when large groups of Indian men gathered outside Sunshine and other stations to ensure the safety of their countrymen, the police and State Government warned them to leave, insisting they had the situation under control. Clearly not, if thugs obviously feel undeterred in committing crimes. Although it obviously says a lot about the brazenness of the young men who perpetrate street violence in Melbourne.

I'm sure some will say the Indians were somehow at fault for walking at night around Sunshine. And personally, I wouldn't walk there if I had a choice. But if our stations and surrounding streets are so dangerous at night, we may as well stop running trains at night. Not everyone in this city can afford a car, and nor should they have to. But without a police presence on the street in trouble spots like Sunshine, we will descend more and more into lawlessness. Perhaps we are there already.

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