Thursday, October 15, 2009

Racist murder of elderly Filipino man in Sydney

Read anything about racism by a right-wing newspaper columnist and you'll usually hear two arguments. Firstly, racism doesn't exist in this country, or when it does occur it is mostly "ethnics" being racist towards white Aussies. And when "ethnics" do complain about racism, they are just whinging about something that is no big deal.

So I'm not sure how such commentators would spin this story:

A BUILDER celebrating his 23rd birthday allegedly bashed an elderly man to death in a drunken race-hate crime. James Anthony Dean-Willcocks (pictured), of Illawong, was yesterday charged with the murder of Magno Alvarado, 67. Residents of Elouera Rd, Cronulla, told police of being woken about 5.30am on Saturday by a male yelling: "F ... off back to Japan".

According to a statement tendered by police to Parramatta Bail Court, a man was heard to cry: "Help, help". One witness said he went to his balcony and allegedly saw a man "fling the victim on to the footpath, pick up the victim, shake him and throw him to the ground". The accused then allegedly punched Mr Alvarado in the head and body as many as 10 times.

Another witness said he saw the victim thrown to the road, and Dean-Willcocks on top of him, punching him. Police will allege Dean-Willcocks was heard yelling "Ya Jap".

Another described seeing Mr Alvarado tackled, "body-slammed" and punched many times. One witness told police he yelled at Dean-Willcocks to stop and asked what he was doing.

"Mate, he's Japanese and he deserves it," the accused allegedly answered. It is understood Mr Alvarado was Filipino.

Stunned onlookers prevented Dean-Willcocks leaving the scene until police arrived. Mr Alvarado was taken to hospital but died about 2.30pm on Saturday. After Dean-Willcocks - wearing no shoes, and only one sock - was arrested, police noted he was intoxicated. He has since told police he has "no recollection" of the incident and his last memory was "some time in the early hours of the morning" while he was at the Mercure Hotel in the city. Dean-Willcocks said he did not know how he got to Cronulla.

Willcocks may have been drunk, but there is nothing in a bottle of beer that will make you do that. And did no one tell him WW2 ended 64 years ago? And of course, poor Mr Alvarado wasn't actually Japanese, but Asians are all the same, right?

Let's hope the justice system gets serious with this f***er.


  1. I really hope this asshole gets a death sentence.

    This maggot saying he had no recollection after was just his excuse to worm himself out. I hope this fucker dies a slow painful death.

  2. We should stop racism. There's no point in killing someone just because of his nationality or personality or even his physical appearance. I hope this killer will get a death penalty.
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