Friday, October 16, 2009

More Awesome Asian Ads - Japan

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Awesome Asian Ads - Japan

Award-winning Japanese condom ad

Japanese blinged-up detective ads

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More Awesome Asian Ads - Korea


  1. I love Japanese commercials too! Japanese people are so used to it that they don't get it when I go to the bathroom during the movie and then sit glued in front of the TV when the commercials come up (and sing along to the songs).

    Btw, the guys in the first commercial (Beach) are from a (or THE) famous boy band SMAP. I can't believe how long they've lasted.

    And the guy in the toilet commercial is 'KABA chan'. A famous 'tarento' (talent) or entertainer.

    A lot of companies put their CMs (commercials) on their website. Here are some examples:

    Suntory beer - you'll like this one (if it doesn't come up, download as wmv file)

    Georgia coffee (scroll down for more)

    Here's traditional Japan (click where you see 'CM'):

    And a whole directory for Suntory CMs (for those who know how to navigate through a Japanese site)

    There's a site with all the commercials done with Hollywood stars (though it looks kinda out of date):

    Okay, I think that's enough random info from me :p

  2. Wow thanks fromthetropics, I'll have a look at those for sure.

    Btw, SMAP is by far my favourite band name of all time. The name of that other Japanese band, Glay, is almost as good.