Thursday, October 8, 2009

"John Safran's Race Relations" under fire before even screening

It's not due to be on air for another 2 weeks, but the new ABC series from comedic enfant terrible John Safran has already got some people's knickers in a twist. Particularly the dial-a-quote wowsers at the Australian Family Association, who have labelled it "filth." Of course they haven't seen it yet, but that's a small detail. It's called "John Safran's Race Relations", so straight away you can see how it could get offensive. But the segment in particular which has caused the controversy is the scene when the Jewish Safran simulates masturbating in a Palestinian sperm bank to a picture of Barack Obama, then encourages his Palestinian cameraman to do the same in an Israeli sperm bank.

Apparently there is also a scene where he sniffs the underwear of Jewish and Eurasian women to see which seems more attractive (Safran has a thing for Eurasians, and who can blame him really?)

Lots of folks are already in a tizzy about the scenes, although no one as far as I can tell has actually seen it. However, there is this promo up on the internet, so you can judge for yourself:

I must say that the panting moaning woman in the background, the eroticised cartoon image of an Asian woman on the title screen, and the use of the phrase "Me love you long time" make me inherently suspicious of this. That said, Safran is a frequently astute boundary-pusher and fun-poker, so I'm prepared to give it the benefit of the doubt. He can be as annoying as f*** but also incredibly funny at times. Let's wait and see. It might be worth placing a bet on whether it gets pulled before the series is over.

For my verdict on Episode 1, try here.

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  1. Just watched race relations and had a mixed reaction. As a eurasian of Chinese and Jewish background I did of course find the episode captivating on a personal level.

    The episode led me to follow an old interest in other eurasians and stumbled across your blog. Great reading! Thank you for the effort you put in and am looking forward to making my way through past posts (will take some time)