Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Catch Andrew Bolt on Twitter. Well, sort of.

Controversial (yet wildly popular) Australian right-wing columnist Andrew Bolt is now on Twitter, if you're into that sort of thing and want to follow him.

Here are some of his recent entries:

Yet again an article by me proves myself right. Racism in Australia only exists against whites.
5:37 PM Oct 8th from web

Those blackface performers weren't being racist. They were just telling the truth about black people - that they have afros and sing.
5:26 PM Oct 8th from web

Harry Connick Jr is a hypocrite for ever having satired blackface. Satire is for leftists. Andrew Bolt says "no". To satire.
4:26 PM Oct 8th from web

Why doesn't Melbourne have any 1000 year old European monuments? I blame the left.
5:13 PM Oct 6th from web

Even I think Glenn Beck is crazy.
3:27 PM Oct 4th from web

Hmm. If Ahmadinejad used to be a Jew, maybe I used to be a Muslim?
3:06 PM Oct 4th from web

An angel just appeared and showed me what my life would be like if comedy hadn't been invented - awesome.
3:05 PM Oct 4th from web

Obviously, it's not the real Andrew Bolt. But don't let that dissuade you, it's preferable to reading anything the real Bolt might have written.

Not sure how long his account is going to be allowed to stay up there, so catch it while you can at:

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