Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Can you guess their ethnicity?

Dunno about you, but I think I have a knack for guessing what someone's ethnic background is. Of course, its a risky business as you can offend someone by asking them if they are something that they are not. (There's a 24,000-member-strong Facebook group entitled "No Bitch...I aint Indian...I'm SRI LANKAN!!!!" so that gives you an idea of what I mean.)

Sometimes you can tell by accent, or mannerisms, sometimes by sight alone. So if you think you're pretty savvy, see how good you are at guessing people just on their appearance.

Below are some pictures of some folks I know. See if you can guess! Some of them are of mixed ethnicity, just to spice things up a bit. I ain't saying this is easy at all. But it's interesting to see how we associate certain features with certain kinds of people.

Answers are in the Comments section below.






Too difficult? You can always try Part 2, where you have to try pick the Asians from the Eurasians.


  1. OK, here are the answers:

    1: Shingi and TJ - Zimbabwean (Shona ethnic group)

    2: Vinnie - Singaporean (Indian father, Chinese mother)

    3: Dirk - Sri Lankan (Burgher ethnic group)
    Nathalie - Mauritian (with Chinese, French and African ancestry

    4: Faizan - Bangladeshi

    5: Welly - Indonesian (Sumbanese)

    How'd you go?

  2. Actually Welly is from Timor, Kefamenanu to be more precise, though I guess this only confirms your point. I know because I took that photo.

  3. Hahhaha I am the creator of that facebook group: "No Bitch...I aint Indian...I'm SRI LANKAN!!!!". I'm glad to see it mentioned in your blog. People often mistake me for anything but Sri Lankan, which is why I started that group.