Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Asian-Australian blogosphere

I'm a bit puzzled as to why, but Asian Australians are not really represented on the blogosphere. There are bloggers, but I dunno if we are really reaching anywhere the audience that we should be. Blog culture is massive in some countries, such as Malaysia and Singapore, and in the US. There are a fair few Asian-American blogs around the place. So I'm not sure why there ain't many Australian Asian blogs  - and more importantly, blog readers - out there. There are approaching 2 million of us AAs, and we're pretty net-savvy. It surprises me.

There are a few blogs out there by Asian Australians of course, but I'm not really speaking here of personal blogs, or blogs about computing or marketing or whatever, that just happen to be written by one of us. I'm really talking about blogs that deal with issues affecting the Asian-Australian community. Is there a lack of identity consciousness in our community? I doubt it, but if there is, does it mean we are seeing ourselves more as Australian, rather than Asian-Australian? Or maybe we've got better things to do than write and read blogs... like having actual lives, which is no bad thing.

There are a few of course. Clearly, mine is the most kickass, but I've listed a few others here too. One thing that surpised me is how many Asian-Australian bloggers there are coming out of Perth. Dunno why that is.

If there are more that you know about, feel free to comment. - More a news site than a blog per se, but one of the few that has broad coverage of issues surrounding the Asian community in Australia. It's only been around a few months. - The best blog ever, plus the guy who writes it is really sexy and awesome. - recently launched, its a really professional-looking operation, seems like its aiming to be THE Asian-Australian blog. Doesn't seem to have a big readership yet though. - A Malaysian-Chinese guy from Perth. Sort of a personal blog, but a lot of good Asian and Asian-Australian stuff going on. - Asian-Australian arts and culture. For those of you who are like, all intelligent and stuff. - Probably the first dedicated Asian-Australian blog I know about. - Mostly devoted to Asian pop culture, but with some local flavour as well. - Catering for all you cerebral types and left-wing activists with an interest in things Asian-Australian. - This is more specific to Western Australian stuff, and again is probably less a blog than a news and info site. - Written by Pakistani-Australian author Irfan Yusuf. Mostly about Muslim issues but some interesting stuff on race and society.

The following are more what you would call "personal blogs" written by Asian-Australians, but with some reflections on the Asian-Australian experience as well.


  1. Lol! yes your blog is very sexy and awesome! :)

  2. >There are approaching 2 million of us

    srsly? We're close to 10% of the total population? I had no idea.

    >Or maybe we've got better things to do than write and read blogs.

    Maybe coz many are too busy writing phd theses on Asian Australian issues? You'll find some of them here:

  3. @ Kalyanky: many thanks!

    @ fromthetropics: yep it's true! Including halfies like you and I, there is about 1,700,000. If you include people from Southwest Asia and the Middle East (including Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria), it definitely reaches 2 million.

  4. I read your commentary on various issues and I'm often left with nothing to say! Seriously. I envy the well-thought-outness of your posts. I point folks to your blog a lot because you say Good Things about a heap of AA issues, AND you say them when they're still relevant. By the time I get around to thinking about posting stuff, it's a few months later... (partic at the moment!).

  5. Hi Tseen,
    thanks for sharing the love.
    I do try to post about stuff when it is still freshly relevant. Unfortunately this means more time sitting in front of the computer to sit around getting fatter, instead of getting out and about, as well as being less focused at work. The compromises we make in life!
    I noticed you haven't been active recently. Keep posting!

    Wow, it's like an Asian-Australian love-fest in here.

  6. I just realise why many asian-australians don't open up as much as there's this saveface culture about it. I guess that's why there's not many asian-australians in the blogosphere. But it's becoming more open/understanding

  7. @ intodawnsforest:
    Interesting perspective. I wonder though whether the younger net-savvy generation really care that much about face when compared to their parents' generation?

  8. Ummm this isn't facebook but "I LIKE" what you're picking up on here. Speak up AAs, speak up. I will be using the links you've provided as research into this issue - one that Frankie and I are interested in. Please highlight any others of the same nature that may be of interest!

    You have so many posts here man, where do I start?! Omg, I just had a 'eye browse' - to me, your topics are like meat for a hungry hobo.