Friday, September 18, 2009

Tajik Jimmy. This guy is freakin' amazing.

His name is Baimurat Allaberiyev, better known as "Tajik Jimmy"; an ethnic Uzbek guy originally from Tajikistan, discovered working construction in Russia. He would sing the Indian movie songs that he remembered from his childhood, and his astonished co-workers would record them on their mobile phones.

My mind was officially blown at the 36 second-mark. You'll see.

The song is a combination of "Goron ki na kalon ki duniya hai dil walon ki" and "Jimmy Adja", both from the movie "Disco Dancer". Bear in mind that despite singing in Hindi, Allaberiyev doesn't actually speak the language. But he gives it a red-hot go anyway. The language he speaks in towards the end is Russian.

From humble beginnings, he now has his own manager and performs in concerts. The NY Times has a article about his amazing story, which is worthy of a Bollywood movie in itself.

I love the internet age.

You can see the original song here, as well as a version of it sung by some Nigerian guys, which is also way cool.

(Hat tip: Sepia Mutiny)

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