Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Japan's zany new First Lady

Today Japan's new Prime Minister, Yukio Hatoyama was sworn in. After 54 years of virtually unbroken conservative rule by the Liberal Democratic Party, their crushing defeat last month by the Democratic Party of Japan led by Hatoyama promises a new direction for the country's politics.

Hatoyama is apparently an interesting fellow. He has been nicknamed "The Alien", since he is a cerebral character who doesn't always connect well with normal people. A former PM labelled him "Mr Whippy" because of his constant talk of peace, love and fraternity (implying I guess that he's all soft and sweet but lacking the harder stuff). But it is the new PM's wife Miyuki who is getting attention around the world for her eccentric ways. ABC News reports:

Miyuki Hatoyama is an author, former singer and dancer in an all-female theatrical troupe, and a self-styled lifestyle guru who makes dresses out of hemp coffee bags.

Ms Hatoyama has written a book about how she was whisked away to Venus in a spaceship and in an interview on a TV talk-show she revealed she had met actor Tom Cruise in a previous life.

"[Tom Cruise] was Japanese then," she said. "So when he sees me I think he'll say, 'It's been a long time'."

Ms Hatoyama has also revealed the secret to her incredible energy. She feasts on the sun. Closing her eyes and snatching at thin air, the future first lady of Japan showed viewers exactly how she re-energises.

"My husband also does this," she said.

But her husband has not yet joined her on an interplanetary trip.

Ms Hatoyama has written about how years ago, while she was sleeping, she was whisked away to Venus on a triangular spaceship.

Koichi Nakano, a political scientist at Tokyo's Sophia University, says so far the electorate has warmed to Ms Hatoyama and her excellent adventures.

Only in Japan, eh?

It's nice to have a bit of weirdness in your public figures, although I'm sure Japanese will start to worry if she starts influencing government policy.

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