Thursday, September 24, 2009

Intel's Indian "rock star" ad

One the best ads I've seen this year is the following one for Intel, which intends to remind us of some of the company's achievements over the years. It focuses on Indian-born computer engineer Ajay Bhatt, co-creator of the USB.

Although that's not actually Bhatt himself in the ad - he's played by actor Sunil Narkar. Bhatt actually looks like this:

Which may seem a bit disengenuous, but you've gotta admit that Narkar plays the role with suitable rockstar panache.

Although the ad is obviously a bit of fun, it does raise a point: why do we lavish so much praise and celebrity on entertainers and athletes, yet not on the scientists and backroom boffins who create much of what enriches our day-to-day lives? I daresay someone like Bhatt deserves much more props than, say, Paris Hilton. Maybe he should make a sex tape.

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