Sunday, September 6, 2009

Footscray hit by racist graffiti spree

The Herald-Sun reports:

A racist gang has daubed several inner-city streets with hate-filled graffiti.
Vandals spray-painted anti-Semitic and racist slogans during a crime spree early yesterday morning. Footscray residents told of their distress after waking yesterday morning to find homes, cars and shops on a handful of streets - including Roberts Rd, Hatfield Court and Waratah St - had been vandalised.
Among the dozens of spray-painted insults were phrases such as "F--- Jews", "India is gay", "Go home", "Aussie pride" and "F--- blacks".
Arch Galloway has lived in Hatfield Court for 30 years and had never seen such racist behaviour in the multicultural neighbourhood."It's absolutely atrocious," Mr Galloway said. "It targets everybody that is not white or Caucasian. This is not some kid - it has to be a racist gang."

Wouldn't be surprised if the vandals were readers of the Herald-Sun themselves, actually.

"India is gay". That's so stupid it's actually funny.

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