Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dunno who these guys are, but they rock

These cheeky buggers infiltrated the anti-Obama "teabagger" protest that just descended on Washington DC.

The desi guy one the right has the funniest sign, although the one on the left is funny for a whole different reason - try out the website written on his sign at your peril. (I did and I'm still recovering.)

Btw I love that a conservative political movement is named the "Teabaggers". Particularly when you consider the other meaning of the term in popular slang.

Heh heh.

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  1. Okay, soo basically anyone against obamas agenda is racist? I am so sick and tired of this statement. What you don't realize is that making comments or promoting ideas like this only achieves the opposite of what you want, by making you look COMPLETELY ignorant. None of this is about race, and to the people who see it that way.. I'm sorry but your more racist than you think.

  2. @ Anonymous:

    "Okay, soo basically anyone against obamas agenda is racist?"

    Ummm, who said this?

    Saying that race is a factor in some people's opposition to Obama is not the same as the above statement.

    Setting up a straw man argument in such a way makes you look COMPLETELY ignorant.