Saturday, September 5, 2009

Asian-fearing Herald-Sun readers of the week

Given that the Herald-Sun is the most widely read newspaper in Melbourne, I guess you might say that its letters and reader comments sections can give you an insight of the mindset of the average Melbournian. Which if true means that there are plenty out there who don't really want the likes of me and my family and friends dirtying up "their" Australia with our nonwhite appearance and dangerously exotic customs. Remember as well that the paper's flagship columnist is Andrew Bolt, whose receives over a million hits a month for his blog which is mostly about how great white people are.

I found a nice selection of readers' comments on an article about immigration levels - anything even mentioning the word immigration is liable to have Herald-Sun readers chomping at the bit to complain about how they don't like foreigners.

Let me say as an aside that I'm not necessarily against limiting immigration, or being more careful with who we let in. But let's be sensible about it, unlike the following readers. I love the myriad of things that can be blamed on migrants, and the myriad of excuses why some people don't want migrants around.

if we didnt have such high immigration we wouldnt have massive overcrowding every morning and every night on our trains
Posted by: michelle 8:41am September

See, shows how stupid I am. I always thought trains were crowded because the companies that operate them refuse to run enough trains to adequately service the community. But no, apparently it's all the bloody migrants.

I'm white, I was born here, my parents and their parents were also born here ... I'm a minority in this country. On the tram into the city I am often the only caucasian. I walked out of my front gate yesterday morning, I counted 5 Asian people before I saw a caucasian person and this is in St Kilda Road! It's the same in my building, predominantly Asian and Indian, again I'm a minority. Can someone stop the flow and get a bit of balance back please?
Posted by: Emma Pearce of Melbourne 6:53pm September 03, 2009

My goodness, poor Emma. Imagine that, having lots of Asians and Indians around. How traumatising, I hope the poor dear is okay. Of course if like Emma you live in an area with heaps of apartment complexes that target the international student market, and office buildings that attract Asian professionals, you just might see some Asians. But she always has the option of moving to a country town, where she can be happy with not seeing any nonwhite faces anywhere.

Emma I hear what you are saying there is a lack of balance in immigration. I am white and was born here and i feel we are out of balance with whom we are letting in as we are definately in a minority in Melbourne now. Many of those coming seem busy drug dealing, smoking and at crown. Let in more people from Europe as we have strong cultural links with Europeans and more familiar life styles. I have had all neighbours from Asia since 2003 and these people leave on their central heating all day and night when really we live in a very mild mediteranean climate which is not really cold at all. how can we cut greenhouse gas emissions when people from tropical places move to Victoria and feel very cold so run gas and electric heating 24 hrs a day.. People from colder Europe would feel very warm here and would not need to run heaters so often. Everything is going ill logical in Victoria it is very sad to see.
Posted by: not happy Jan of Melbourne 7:22pm September 04, 2009

See, the best argument for less Asian immigration ever made: Asians leave their heaters on too much! It's a genetic trait, you see. Yep, everything is certainly going "ill logical" in Victoria right now!

If the HS will permit me, here is a quote from Bi Kui a migrant to this country currently on trial in WAfor murder, which illustrates his love for our country and people: ''in a big country like this killing a few people is easy ''
Posted by: Martin of Melbourne 5:00pm September 03, 2009

With impeccable logic, Martin of Melbourne quotes what someone allegedly said about someone who allegedly committed murder (and who just happens to be a migrant), and uses it to make some kind of statement about migrants or Asians in general. Because we're all murderers, aren't we, Asians?


  1. I blame Andrew Bolt for all this. Remember, he's a sub-editor at the HS. And he's the resident ethnic nationalist over there. So it stands to reason that he's most likely helped steer the HS's emphasis and focus on pushing the ethnic-nationalist barrow.

    An interesting thing you might want to look at is the stories involving crime that are allowed comments. It seems more often than not, when non-Aryan ethnicity is involved, the comments section will be open to all, and hounds will have smelled blood.

  2. Hey thanks for the post, good read as always. There are heaps of gems like this on the mother site too. They are funny comments to read and their logical reasoning always seems pretty piss poor.

  3. Thanks for the comments Yuey and Peter. Regarding your suggestion Peter, I'll certainly keep an eye open. Although I'm not sure if Bolt is really pulling the anti-foreigner strings of the Herald-Sun. I'm more inclined to think that it merely represents what a lot of people think. The Age newspaper seems to subtly discourage blatant racial sh*t-stirring, while the Herald-Sun just gives it free reign. There's a different demographic to the 2 papers as well - The Age readership is somewhat more educated.

  4. Of course only white people would be born in Australia; it could not possibly be as though there are Australian born Asian and Indian people living here as well. Why does everyone think that because you are Asian and Indian that you –must- be an immigrant? What has always made me feel patriotic of my country is our multicultural background, it makes me very sad to think that racism is still ever present in our society and it offends me that there are people who assume they are speaking on behalf of all "white" Australians.