Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Racist anti-African leaflets distributed in Frankston and Mildura

Man, I don't really want this to turn into the "Racism in Australia Blog". I'd rather post about happy and funny things, honestly. But this sort of thing just keeps happening.

In two different parts of Victoria, unidentified persons have been distributing leaflets spreading hatred of Sudanese immigrants.

The first spate of material was detected last week on car windscreens in Mildura, in northwestern Victoria, claiming the local council had tried to "sneak" 30 Sudanese refugee families into their city.
The leaflet says Sudanese refugees "will cause endless social terrorism" and bring "a primitive lawless tribal culture and a pack mentality" into the community.
It also claims people of Sudanese origin are 400 to 800 per cent more likely to commit a serious crime than an Australian national and says "many of them are infected with AIDS". Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria (ECCV) chair Sam Afra described the material - which has no clear author but includes links to anti-African and Muslim websites - as "racist scaremongering" of no substance.
Another anonymous leaflet circulating in Frankston, 40km from Melbourne, is under police investigation after it was found in mailboxes and on car windscreens this week.It reads: "Do you want Frankston to become like Dandenong?"
"The levels of violence in Dandenong and Noble Park have risen sharply since the huge increase in the African population." It claims 386 high-rise commission flats are due to be built in the centre of the outer bayside suburb, to be "filled with Africans".
The leaflet lists gang rapes, machete attacks and smashed shops as crimes associated with African migration.
Frankston mayor Colin Hampton rejected the material as "absolutely disgraceful" and said the suburb was comprised of many races. Mr Hampton said the figure of 386 units earmarked for Frankston was also wrong. One proposal for 70 social housing units in Frankston was being examined by the Victorian Government for construction by December under the Federal Government's job stimulus, but no plans had yet been confirmed, he said.

I've never been to Mildura and know little about the situation there, so I won't comment, except to say that it's interesting that both leaflet campaigns have appeared around the same time. I look forward to seeing who has coordinated this crap.

As for Frankston... this sort of thing doesn't surprise me. This beach-side suburb on Melbourne's southern fringe has its share of nice areas and nice people, but there is a real ugly side to "Franga", which has made it the butt of jokes for many Melbournians. North Frankston in particular contains some of the highest rates of domestic abuse you'll find in Melbourne, and is like a factory churning out troubled teens. And the majority are Anglo; Frankston is pretty monocultural, although this is gradually changing.

So it's funny that someone in Frankston would contrast it with Dandenong as an example of what happens when you let black people in. Dandenong is no paradise by any means, but I'd wager most people would choose Dandy over Franga anytime. Because unlike Frankston, Dandenong's embrace of ethnic diversity has made it a place worth visiting - its Saturday market is pretty cool, and in Dandy's main shopping hub you can find some of the best Indian, Sri Lankan, Afghani and African food in Melbourne.

I'm not going to say there is no problem with Sudanese youth in Dandenong and neighbouring Noble Park, because there is. But young Sudanese thugs, being tall and very dark, are simply the most noticeable of all the young thugs that frequent Noble Park and to a lesser extent Dandenong. There are lots of at-risk young people in these areas - Anglo, Turks, Islanders, Sudanese, Bosnians and so on. Noble Park has been a depressed and troubled area for a long time, much like Frankston. The reality is that in these areas, kids have a higher than average likelihood of getting into gangs or generally involved in trouble. The only difference is that in Frankston those kids are usually white and in Dandenong or Noble Park they are usually ethnic, since that's who lives there.

When CCTV footage at Sunshine Station caught 3 young Sudanese men violently assaulting and robbing a man in an unprovoked attack, predictably the Herald-Sun website was bombarded with letter writers talking about the supposed barbaric nature of Africans and their inability to settle in our society. Yet when Carl Williams and his gang were going around Melbourne murdering with impunity earlier in this decade, I don't remember anyone mentioning the savage warlike tendencies of Anglo-Australians.

Thing is, I worry that if Sudanese do move into Frankston, they will struggle. Not because of the reasons the leaflets are mentioning, but because with such negativity and hate being directed at them already, they'll be up against it from day one.

And this is an example of how we are selling our refugees short. If we gave Sudanese families places to live in Glen Waverley or Toorak or Brighton, you might hear complaints from the locals, but you would also hear less about Sudanese gang crime in general - because the kids would grow up in an environment that is all about academic success and social advancement. Instead, we house new arrivals in places like Sunshine and Noble Park which are already ridden with social problems, and then wonder why some of them get in trouble. The answer is that they're just doing what everyone else is doing in that area.

Having worked with a lot of Sudanese youngsters in my community education work, I think they're pretty cool people and I have a lot of time for them. But no doubt, having fled from a bloody and traumatic warzone, they come with some baggage. If we are going to welcome them into Australia as refugees, we owe it to them - and ourselves - to make sure they have an opportunity to make it.


  1. Doesn't sound much different from the sort of stuff Andrew Bolt writes. Somebody of his profile airing such ethnic nationalist sentiments obviously gives encouragement to such people. If it's alright for "Australia's most read commentator" to say such things in "Australia's biggest-selling newspaper", then such people will feel fully justified in their actions.

  2. Eurasian SensationAugust 19, 2009 at 9:30 PM

    Anonymous, I agree completely. Our friend Mr Bolt has been in fine race-baiting form recently. The comments section on his blog is becoming more and more like Stormfront every day.

  3. It's extraordinary that such sentiments can be happily expressed and tolerated in Australia's best-selling newspapers, thereby being conferred respectability. Elsewhere around the world such sentiments have to confine themselves to rather more underground media and forms of communication and dissemination.

  4. It's a difficult issue though; our society is based on the necessity of freedom of expression, at least to a certain point. But at the same time we have to consider the effects of whipping up negative sentiment against a particular group.

  5. For the same reason freedom of expression does not entail being allowed to yell "fire" in a crowded theatre, presumably.

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  7. It doesnt work. They tried to put blacks in rich american white suburbs and the insane black crime increased.

    Rape, murder, robbery, driving is bad. wherever these racist black sudanese are.

  8. It was probably some rich asians who dont like the sudanese either that did these leaflets.

    italians, asians hate these black racists as well.

    A korean was mowed down by a stupid african driver.

    Mr Ha was his name. An african idiot reversed over him a footscray cafe.

  9. Only Africans are stupid and vicious to do such a beating to a random person on camera.

    Not to mention these black racists get special treatment to come here and get given housing prioirity.

  10. Do you realise how much it would cost to try to fit in thousands of african refugees in those rich suburbs

  11. No one can argue that there are not millions of people in the world today living in the most dire of circumstances, where violence and death are commonplace. No one can argue that we should stand idly by and let these people rot. Everyone agrees that we must show compassion.

    But how much effort goes into determining the best way to show compassion?

    The World Bank reports that there are almost 900 million people living in extreme poverty of less that $1 a day. Such levels of poverty mean that medical, sanitary and education services are unavailable and contribute to the spread of disease and conflict.

    Current wisdom is that we should use scare resources to bring 13,000 of these people to Australia every year. This is about 0.0014% of the people living in extreme poverty. Or, in other words, if we continued in this fashion, all things being equal we’d have the extreme poverty problem licked in about 75,000 years. Pity the poor people waiting for aid.

    This is not good enough.

    The money spent on the humanitarian program would be better spent helping people in the countries that they live in. The costs involved in bringing one person into Australia could be used to support a whole village overseas.

    The government is not unfamiliar with allocating taxpayers’ money in less than efficient means, but this is a matter of life and death. The money spent on bureaucracy and waste in the department of immigration would be better utilised by giving it to a non government organisation that have decades of experience helping the world’s poorest.

    We’ve all seen the World Vision ads asking for child sponsorship. These ads invariably show a child that is suffering, or perhaps a schoolroom where a difference has been made.

    What the ads don’t show are refugees boarding a 747 to fly to a foreign country whilst their countrymen starve; what they don’t show is a refugee receiving enough money in welfare payments to save the lives of tens of people in their homeland.

    Such images would be repugnant and immoral. Yet we say we’re proud of our humanitarian program.

  12. The white supremacists have invaded my blog. Hooray.

  13. Did Andrew Bolt, the patron saint of Stormfront, send them over?

  14. Finally something I have enjoyed reading about! I too work with the Sudanese community in frankston after school and I absolutely love these people! They have amazing stories and great sense of humor! Contrary to what you might think the sudanese community has blended really well into frankston and the rate of crime within the Sudanese community is un heard of. I'm so glad that I have had the opportunity to become friends with these people! Considering what some of them have gone through they are some of the happiest people I have ever met :)