Thursday, August 13, 2009

Indonesian Film Festival in Melbourne

If you're in Melbourne, check out what's new in the world of Indonesian cinema over the next week. Now it is to my shame as a half-Indonesian that I've only ever seen maybe 2 Indonesian films, so this maybe my chance to atone for that.

Check for details here:

There looks to be some interesting docos, plus others like the teen drama of Queen Bee, or the Mo Brothers' Macabre, which looks a bit like Saw meets The Shining - preview below.


  1. To get a picture of what Macabre is, just picture Fruit Chan making Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  2. Cheers Ralf. That sounds like a good thing, I guess. Although personally I'm kinda over the whole sawing-off-people's limbs thing, after Evil Dead, Saw, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and so on.