Sunday, August 23, 2009

Health Care = Nazism. WTF?

Background to this clip: "Socialism" is by definition a system in which the state guarantees all people receive access to wealth and health care. However, in America, "socialism" seems to be a dirtier word than "c***". Therefore Barack Obama's proposed new health care plan, which attempts to guarantee even the poorest people get some health care, has been labelled socialist and by extension, reminiscent of the Nazis. At least that's the point one ignorant young lady is trying to make in this clip.
To his credit, the man she is addressing, Massachusetts congressman Barney Frank, gives her the verbal smackdown she deserves. Hats off to the guy, it's quite a brilliant retort. Given that he is both Jewish and gay, you know he ain't playin' that Nazi sh*t:

What is truly stunning from that clip though is how the FOX News "journalists" slam Frank for being rude. And you can see how, taken entirely out of context (which is what FOX do), some may think he was rude. But his response is no less than what that idiotic woman had coming. Surely any sane person can see that, right?

But then, this is FOX News we are talking about. So its not that stunning really. Perhaps from their perspective, the woman's comparison is not rude and actually is logical.

Health care: helping more people to be healthy.
Nazism: systematic murder of millions of innocent people due to ethnic background.

So um, the same thing then, right?

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  1. I really don't get this obsessive American fear of communism (or even socialism). That's just American thing, right? Right?

    Let me see: People refuse halth care because it's an evil communist thing?