Sunday, August 30, 2009

Free speech is a wonderful thing, innit? Pastor calls for death to Obama and gays

Just in case you thought Islam had a monopoly on insane preachers of death and hate...

So there's this pastor in the US named Steven L Anderson (pictured). Perhaps what you might call a "fire-and-brimstone" preacher, but worse. At his Faithful Word Baptist Church, located in Phoenix, Arizona, he preaches on his favourite topics - usually "faggots". (It's a passion he shares with the uber-crazy Reverend Fred Phelps from the Westboro Baptist Church.)
Despite Christianity's dominant teachings of love, forgiveness and compassion, for Pastor Anderson those qualities are just not as much fun as wishing death on people.

According to the good pastor, homosexuality is a sin which is just as bad as murder and should be punishable by the death penalty. He believes that homosexuals are all predators who recruit others by rape and molestation, and likens them to predators that thrive in nature - the problem being, to use his nature analogy, that "they have no natural predators." In other words, gays should be put to death.

Also in his sermons he has stated that God hates Barack Obama because, having allowed abortions to take place in America, he is a "mass-murderer". Thus Anderson prays for Obama to die and go to hell, saying the President should be "aborted."
Funnily enough, in the same conversation Anderson quotes Psalm 11, saying that "him that loveth violence is so hated [by God]", in reference to Obama. The irony is clearly lost on him however.

Of course, Anderson's not going to kill the President or any homosexuals himself, heavens no. In an interview with liberal radio host Alan Colmes, this imbecile even denies that he might carry any blame for whipping up sentiments that may lead to murder. The Colmes interview is well worth listening to, since the host's challenging questions display Anderson for the hate-ridden, moronic maniac that he is - although admittedly Anderson does a pretty good job advertising this for himself.

I gotta say, it amazes me that someone can get away with this in the US or anywhere else. Free speech is important of course, and I'm fully supportive of someone's right to express their views... but incitement to commit murder? I can't believe the First Amendment covers that. Of course, he didn't outwardly tell anyone to kill anyone else. But an influential figure like a pastor, proclaiming how much gays and the President deserve to die and how he prays that Obama dies - it doesn't take a genius to work out the subtext. And it only takes one nutjob with a gun to do the unthinkable.

Actually got me thinking of this brilliant sketch from "That Mitchell and Webb Look". You'll see the connection.

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