Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dog-rescuing Indonesian-Australian becomes worldwide hero

It's funny how some news stories get buried and some spread like wildfire. Definitely in the latter category is the story of Raden Soemawinata. The 20-year old part-time model was performing a solemn ceremony with his family at Brighton pier in Melbourne, scattering his grandmother's ashes into the bay. Nearby, Sue Drummond was walking her dog Bibi when the gale force winds blew the tiny Maltese-shitzu into the bay. Soemawinata, stripping to shirt and boxers, dived into the icy water to rescue the dog.

It's the kind of example of everyday heroism that on a different day may not have made even the local paper; but since someone was on hand to take photos, it not only made the Melbourne news, but around the world as well. Google Raden Soemawinata and you'll find the story covered in news services from Vietnam to Poland, to the Netherlands and the UK's Telegraph and Daily Mail.

Kudos and respect to the guy, representin' the Melbourne Indos!

Btw: I read about this in Melbourne's Herald-Sun. It was one of the few stories involving an Asian I've read in that paper's website recently that don't have commenters calling for them to be sent back to their own country.

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