Wednesday, August 5, 2009

British Sikhs escape burning bus but can't escape racism

Ok, imagine you are driving along the highway and you saw 66 Indian women and children standing by the side of the road, having just escaped a bus that exploded.
Do you:

(A) keep driving, thinking to yourself "Gee I wonder what happened there?"
or (B) stop to have a look and possibly see if anyone needs help
or (C) yell racist abuse at them, giving them the finger as you drive past and exhorting to "go back to the burning bus."

If you answered (A) or (B) you are a normal human being. If you answered (C) you are a miserable waste of space, just like the passing motorists who did just that in southern England a few days ago.

Part of a group of 200 Sikhs from a gurdwara (temple) in Luton who were travelling back in 3 coaches from a seaside outing in Weymouth, they noticed a burning smell on the bus. After passing cars kept flashing their lights, the bus pulled over and the passengers evacuated. Seconds later, the bus exploded and went up in flames. Fortunately no one was hurt; but they must have been taken aback by the abuse that greeted them from some passing motorists. Weird.

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