Friday, August 14, 2009

3 more Indian students bashed in a fortnight

Last week, Gaurav Kakkar was ringing his family back in India from a phone booth in Carlton at 12:45am. A gang of youths grabbed him from behind, beat him with a some kind of rod, sprayed capsicum spray in his face and stuffed chili flakes in his nose and mouth, before taking his wallet. A week later and he still cannot see out of his right eye. Kakkar also claimed that the although he rang the police after the gang left, they took 55 minutes to arrive as he lay blinded and in agony on the footpath.

You can watch video footage of that story here.

For a while it seemed like this disturbing trend had waned, but seemingly unprovoked attacks continue against Indian students in Melbourne and Sydney.

Early Monday morning in Sydney, Mohit Mangal was on the way to the mall where he worked, when he had a beer bottle smashed on his head from behind. Four youths then beat him with a baseball bat.

While on July 27, 23-year-old graphics student Paramjeet Singh was training it home in the afternoon to Glenroy in Melbourne's north. Seated behind him he noticed 5 or 6 young men harassing two girls on board. "One of the girls was Indian. When I went to defend her, threatening to press the button that activates the camera on the train, the guys stepped back." But after he alighted at Glenroy, the gang followed and beat him up. "One White person tried to help me, but the group assaulted him also. They chased me as I raced from one platform to another."

Interestingly, none of these cases seemed to have got any coverage in the local media, instead I came across these through Indian news services. I'm not sure if Australian news outlets do not consider this a worthwhile story, or if the Indian victims are only talking to reporters back home. There could be a possibility that the police are wanting to keep these cases out of the public eye so as not to publicise it as a trend which other youths might start copying.

Also this week on ABC news was the sad story of Shivendra Singh, a 30-year-old IT student from Uttar Pradesh who has been robbed 3 times in the space of 4 months while working at a corner store. Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder which has affected his ability to study and work, he has experienced periods of homelessness. Now his student visa is expiring and he fears being forced to return to India with nothing to show for his endeavours here. Immigration Minister Chris Evans seems unsympathetic, with the Migration Review Tribunal having rejected Singh's appeal. Bureacracy teeming up with thugs to ruin a young man's life. You can watch the video of the story by clicking the link above.

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