Friday, July 17, 2009

Terrorist bombings rock Jakarta

Earlier today, Jakartans woke to explosions in the city centre. The Marriott Hotel and the Ritz Carlton suffered what appear to be suicide bombings. No group has yet claimed responsibility, but prime suspect is the terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah, the Al-Qaeda-affiliated network whose goal is to create an Islamic caliphate throughout SE Asia.

At this moment the number of casualties, which will no doubt increase, is said to be 8 deaths. Around 50 people have been injured, with perhaps 14 of them being foreigners.

Just think about that statistic for a second. Of the terrorists' victims, more than two-thirds are local Indonesians. Fellow Muslims.

If anyone reading this is naive enough to still believe that these kind of militant jihadi groups are defenders of the faith and give one iota of thought for the welfare of other Muslims, take note. It is a well-known fact that most victims of Islamic fanatacism are overwhelmingly Muslim civilians themselves. In the course of blowing up tourist nightspots in Bali, the US embassies in East Africa, or attacking US soldiers in Iraq, far more Muslims than non-Muslims are killed and maimed by Muslim extremism.

Yet the fanatics continue to have support in some circles. Go figure.

These two Western -owned companies provide much-needed jobs to Indonesians. Which is far more than Jemaah Islamiyah ever did for the country, or for Muslims for that matter.

It deeply saddens me that beautiful Indonesia has to continually be torn apart by these f***ers. Yes I'm biased, but generally speaking Indonesians are among the gentlest and loveliest people you can ever meet. We are by nature a tolerant, accepting people, who have peacefully integrated a multitude of cultures and faiths over the last two thousand years. Islam arrived here through trade and spread by example, not the sword, and the brand of Islam followed by the majority is far more laid-back and liberal than practiced almost anywhere else. Yet we are continually plagued by a tiny minority of ignorant fools who want to model Indonesia after the worst aspects of Saudi Arabia.

Don't let them win.

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