Friday, July 10, 2009

Comebacks to stereotypical and racist comments

Ever had someone make a racially insensitive remark to you, but you couldn't think of a comeback to put them in their place?

Well, here are a few which may be of assistance, if you are East Asian in this case. If you are South Asian, I've done a separate post here.

Any other suggestions? Black, white, yellow, brown, whatever, feel free to contribute some more. If they are any good I'll compile and publish them in later posts. At least try to make them somewhat witty (emphasis on the somewhat) and somewhat badass.

Legal Disclaimer: If you are going to use any of these, it should either be in a joking context with friends, or otherwise you better have (a) serious balls; (b) serious fighting ability; (c) some serious posse; (d) your running shoes on; or (e) a death wish.

Eurasian Sensation accepts no responsibility for beat-downs incurred while utilising any of the comebacks contained herein.

Eurasian Sensation is fully aware of the sexist and homophobic nature of the comebacks contained herein. Should you feel the need to accuse me of said attitudes, please first make sure all reasonable attempts have been made on your part to get a f***ing life.

OK here we go:

"Asians have small dicks."
Comeback: (to a guy) "Gee, how do you know so much about Asian penis?"
or: "Has your Mama been spreading rumours about me again?"
(or to a girl?) "Gee, how many Asian penises have you researched to come up with those findings, you slut?"
or: "Yeah, you used to have one before the operation, huh?"

"Hey, is it hard to see with those squinty eyes?"
Comeback: "Nah dude, I'm squinting because you are so f***in' ugly and I can't bear to look at you."

"Asians eat dog."
Comeback (to a guy): "Which is why I ate out your Mama last night."
(or to a girl): "Um, is that your way of asking me to go down on you?"

Keep 'em coming.

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  1. Hahaha, terrible, but gold at the same time :)

  2. Ha!That was hilarious! I especially liked the "Asians have small dicks" comeback. Or you could say-"How many Asians have you slept with to know that?"

  3. "Asians have small dicks."
    (or to a girl?)
    "So sorry, you were unsuccessful in your efforts trying to get banged by an asian cock. Maybe you should try more.. how about a an asian tour of cock fun?"

  4. "Asians have small dicks."

    repartee: "That's just a myth created by the white man to compensate for having lower IQs"

    1. We don't need more racism dumb ass.

    2. Actually, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire

  5. repartee: "That's just a myth created by the white man to compensate for having lower IQs"

    I'm not sure that fighting racism with more racism is the way to go. That said, I'm not sure why I think it's ok to respond using sexist and homophobic remarks, but hey, I'm inconsistent.

  6. @Eurasian Sensation you see this is whats wrong with you creatures you all don’t know when to keep your mouth shut, but don’t worry boy, one day you and zek will learn not to talk crap to black people “YOU PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW YOUR PLACE IN THE WORLD” just google “Angry Black Teen Snaps on Old White Man” you keep begging for it you will get it BOY!.

    1. Go kill yourself trash

    2. What is you're point. I don't think he is an old white person to be honest.

  7. @xxxphantomxxx:

    Me talking crap to black people? You are the one coming onto my blog and talking shit based on some beef of your own imagining. Just because you are black and I think you are a douche, doesn't mean I don't like black people. It's just you.

  8. i agree, xxxphantomxxx is a straight up fag. I hate when black people try to come back with the "its because im black isnt it?" i cant stand it!!

  9. To white guys making fun of asian dix... Well, I guess that gives Blacks the right to insult That pale little peice of string betweeyour legs ...unless your mother is hiding something from you ! Blacks >>> whites +/- > azn

    1. Ever heard of reverse racism? Obviously not.

  10. To asians:
    "Ching Chong Ching" (trying to be funny by imitating how Asians speak).
    Reply: "At . least . I . Speak . English. "

    web page:
    giving credit to: ♫LOOKITME♫ (on that web page).

  11. I'm half Asian and every once in a while a white douchebag without a good comeback will quip something about Asians and small dicks. I always say, well whip your junk out and let's compare, because I'm packing plenty. That always shuts them up.

    1. I had a huge crush on a half asian/half white guy all my life! He was the most beautiful man I knew or had ever seen and I was totally in love with him regardless of the size of his unit! We both have the same names too! Tommy!