Friday, June 12, 2009

Your Guide to the “F*** Off We’re Full” Facebook Group

Yes, there’s a Facebook group for everyone, isn’t there?

There’s heaps of discourse around now about Australia is a racist nation. My answer is a cop-out, really – it is, and it isn’t. More on that another time. But if you want proof that we are a racist nation, start at this group, which seems to fall under Facebook's "Just for Fun" category of groups, since we all know there's nothing more fun that hating people.

In any case the members of “F*** Off We’re Full” are an interesting crew, some intent on claiming that they are not racist and only opposed to unwelcome changes to Australia. Whereas some just unleash a torrent of racism which kinda damages the credibility of the aforementioned members, who are at least trying to be a bit respectable. Although joining a group with this name does wonders for one’s respectability, of course.

This eloquently-named group, opposed to immigration and multiculturalism, has over 64,000 members now. Although a significant number of them seem to anti-racist trolls looking to sh*t-stir, judging by the debates on the discussion boards.

It’s actually not the only group on Facebook with such a name, there are variations – “F*** Off We’re Full!” (note the exclamation mark) and “F*** Off We’re Full!!!” who only have 87 members but judging from their use of THREE exclamation marks are really, really serious about the matter.

And to show that xenophobes have more than one point of view, there’s also a group that innovatively titles itself “We’re Full. So F*** Off.”

In response to this phenomenon are groups like “F*** Off Xenophobes, We’re Full”, and my personal favourite, “F**** Off People with ‘F*** Off We’re Full’ Stickers”.

Anyway, the main group I’m talking about has a manifesto which is xenophobic but perhaps not particularly racist. Inflammatory title aside, it mentions Aussie pride and an integrationist rather than multicultural model for Australia, among other things. These are at face value not necessarily bad things; certainly things you can have a reasoned exchange of ideas over.

However, when you give your group a name like that, it’s gonna attract a certain type of crowd. Now, I’m sure many of them simply have legitimate concerns about the direction our nation is heading, which is fine. There are even a few members of Asian background. (Even an Asian guy who wishes we had an equivalent of the British National Party here, not realising of course that the BNP don’t allow Asians to join.)

But then there are the hardcore racists. Lovely people like Darrin Hodges, a candidate for the Australian Protectionist Party and a guy with a history of association with anti-Semitic groups. Hodges is all over this group like a rash.

And if you join the group you can also converse with charmers like Mikey Hutton, whose conversations usually involve such words of wisdom as “Left wing dogs are the real threat, they should all be killed” and “Theres no point arguing with left wing dogs anymore, they will never open their eyes. Just create a fake profile, befriend them, find out everything about them including their address, then go round there and stomp their f***ing heads in.” Nice fella.

There is a discussion thread on there entitled “All foreigners should be euthenised”. Unsurprisingly our friend Mikey Hutton pops up here as well.

If the issue of race hate wasn’t so serious, you might even be able to laugh at some of these clowns. Take Nick Brockhurst, who seems to spend a lot of time on these discussion threads, often complaining about how sick he is of multiculturalists accusing him of racism. Later, Nick has this message for Indian people: “Indians should F*** OFF back to their mud hut, the Taj mahal whatever the f*** IF they want to carry on like a bunch of wankas. get the F*** OUT U C**TS”. Just don’t accuse him of being racist. Strangely enough, Nick has a photo of US comedian Arj Barker as his profile photo. Given that Barker’s real name is Arjun Singh, it is possible that Mr Brockhurst hasn’t quite grasped the irony of his stance on Indians.

Jodie Smithers is also an ardent philosopher on the human condition. During a argument on a thread with a woman of Indian background, she sums her thoughts up thusly:

“… you f***ing curry munching c***! You filthy indian arse should be shipped back to bombay so you can become a prostitute as you were originally destined to be, so an AUSTRALIAN can resume the spot which you have stolen to get your law degree. I don't give a f*** if your rich curry eating father has millions from driving a silver service taxi around lakemba, or because he works 168 hours per week in a f***ing 711 or subway, or sells curry out of his own arse, the fact is you are occupying a space for an Australian. So F*** OFF BACK TO YOUR OWN F***ED COUNTRY you f***ing arrogant prostitute.”
It’d take a whole lot of Indians to depart the country in order for a Uni place to become vacant for the likes of Jodie, I suspect.

It’s also a place to get to know people like Matthew Greenwood, who passionately wants foreigners out of Australia, despite living in NYC and calling himself a “real american” on his profile. Here are some things Matthew has to say about Indians:

“They are curry munching idiots who come here for a better quality of life contrary to that of which they had in their sh*thole nation. They want to spread their stufid,foolish and irrelevant culture in Australia,which any true Australian would never accept,so there are conflicts. The indian men try to converse and exploit our aAustralian wmen,on the other hand the indian women move around the Aussie men to pursue them to make any relation with them,which is an act of "sluttism" and no Aussie man doesnt likes it.”

Make sense of that if you can. Matthew also demands that “If you cant speak ENGLISH,please f*** off.” Which is probably why he lives abroad, since judging by the above passage, he has a few problems with English himself.

I know, I know, making fun of ignorant racists is like shooting fish in a barrel. But its hardly less witty than calling an Indian a curry muncher.

Btw, if my head ever gets stomped, Mikey Hutton probably did it.

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UPDATE (14th June 2009):
It seems that this group is no longer an open group and prospective members must seek permission to join. My guess is because of the number of trolling anti-racists, and perhaps due to the publicity it has received in the media. So its not as easy to observe the discourse within the group anymore.


  1. Do professional dog-whistlers like Andrew Bolt (given their platform and profile) bear some responsibility for creating such a climate as this, where Indians are going to start getting bashed and groups such as these on Facebook are going to proliferate?

    One has to wonder about Bolt's ultimate agenda. Does he hope for a race war? For Australia to return to the White Australia Policy? Toward what end is his relentless push directed?

  2. Anonymous, I think John Howard and Pauline Hanson are far more to blame than people like Bolt, but yes I think that he certainly adds fuel to this fire. Although this is not to imply that he is encouraging violence of any sort.

    I do think you are hypothesising a bit too much about Bolt's ambitions. I don't think he has hatred to any race per se; however he believes in the superiority of Australian or Western European CULTURE and expects other ethnic groups to assimilate into that culture.

    And while he is certainly an influential voice in the media, do you think anyone who bashed an Indian actually reads Bolt's columns? I doubt it.

  3. Wow I checked out the wall of this group, aside from the frightful spelling and profuse coarse language it’s disappointing these groups are approved for creation. While censorship cannot halt racism,surely it would prevent the proliferation / congregation of these people aka “Fucktards” (f#*kin retards) a term borrowed from an Emergency dept health professional – to spout their feebly constructed opinions whilst recruiting another generation of ignorant “Australians”. Does Australian law not expressly prohibit incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence on the basis of race?

  4. Hey Ang, I agree that comments that incite violence should get censored. I'm a bit wary though of censoring discourse that is deemed "racist". I think one of the factors that may have fuelled this backlash has been the over-zealousness of some to make accusations of racism at others, which is a real debate-silencer. There's a lot of resentment that people feel they can't be critical of immigration or multiculturalism without being tagged racist. Which they sometimes are, of course, but not always.

    Don't worry, people are free to say what they want, but you and I are free to regard them as f***tards!

  5. Fuck. THis bullshit makes me so angry.
    I saw one of these fucking redneck stickers on the street near my house the other day. It really unsettled me. It was a big fuel guzzling, mother of a car with cliched overfed passengers.
    On a more positive note, I know someone whose father was a black-killing Afrikaans and he's actually a v. tolerant man who rejects his father's views. And another who has a dad who hates "pakis" but works in race relations.

    And yes Johnny is to blame. Why the fuck is Pauline still on TV. Why the fuck is she on the booklist at the school I taught at? A school with a high non-White population, that already has race issues.

    I have chased down not so big fucking retards on my street, the younger slighter ones, and they tell me they make these comments because they're bored.

    People who are racists must have not a lot going on in their lives, if the only thing they can identify as is a race.

    Fuck this stuff makes me so angry.
    Sorry for the expletives.

  6. Approvingly quoted on Andrew Bolt's (moderated) blog today by Alan of Sydney, where Andrew is still strongly insinuating it is "Africans" responsible for all the bashings:

    WHITE Australia was Australia’s Magna Carta. Without that policy this country would have been lost. It would have been engulfed in an Asian tidal wave.

    Had we listened to the do-gooders and the crusaders for international brotherhood and racial equality, the barriers would have come down long ago. Our living standard would have been destroyed. We would have had intermarriages of races, half-castes and quarter-castes, with all the social dilemmas that invariably follow such racial mixtures.

    We would have had a black, brown and brindle streak right through every strata of our society.

    Instead we decided to keep this country as a citadel of the white peoples.

    Australia is still white Australia, thanks to those who battled against those who wanted to exploit coloured labour for their own ends.

    What social dilemmas, Eurasian, have you suffered because of your mixture?

  7. SCP - it seems you are angry!

    "People who are racists must have not a lot going on in their lives, if the only thing they can identify as is a race."

    I tend to agree.

    The subconscious mentality of a racist - "I may be a backward inbred hick with poor job prospects and no sex life apart from my sister, but at least I ain't no nigger."

  8. Anonymous, being mixed, I am in the unfortunate position of being hated by pretty much everyone.

    Although it could have something to do with being an ***hole.

    Actually, being fairly racially ambiguous in appearance, I hear lots of comments that people would not say around someone more obviously ethnic. So that's a social dilemma, whether to speak up or just listen and observe - depends what's at stake and how brave I feel on that day!

  9. Xenophobia is a phobia- fear just like any other. When a country is in a problem, people start to panic. Because people tend to blame those who are "not like them" (in any meaning of this word), immigrants are first to suffer prejudice (I hope there still isn't violence!)

    I was obsessed with Australia when I was a kid. I wanted to live there when I grow up, that was one of my biggest dreams when I was 13-14 years old. That's why thins post made me sad.

  10. Hilarious post...well, I suppose I shouldn't be laughing, but I'm so tired of being angry that I've resorted to just laughing at these things. Makes me life easier. Hopefully one day I'll get to watch 'em get frustrated that it's not making me angry (since inciting anger seems to be one of their favorite past-times).

  11. Hello , Im researching Indian migration issues and barriers and found your site really helpful, thankyou .

  12. andrew bolt we must all unite as a nation to prove the truth and as to what is the truth about all matters involving immigration and i think your expert knowledge about this matter could be a huge factor in establishing the facts and this can only better the country for the present and future of our children. your expert knowledge on indigenous affairs and a range of other issues make me feel that you should be in charge of all media relating to this issue to give a non bias and honest evaluation of the matter. i think alan jones, raphael aron, miranda divine, tony abbott could also help. all races and religions should be treated equal as we are all human and its important ant that we accept different cultures and traditions as this will only make the world a better place