Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Race, IQ and penis size.

Controversial I know, but yeah, let’s talk about this sh**.

There have been studies done that suggest that there is a relationship between race, penis size and intelligence. IQ, so it goes, is very much related to what is in your genes, as well as what is in your jeans.

So apparently, East Asian people are really brainy but are somewhat lacking in the trousers department. People of African origin tend to perform less well on IQ tests, yet as popular culture tells us, are seriously packin’ down there. If you are Caucasian, you probably fall somewhere in the middle on both counts.

Hmm. Now get this straight before you get angry, I’m not saying I believe this sort of thing. I’m just saying, the studies have been done. I’m not sure why someone felt they really really needed to do a study on this, but they did. My hunch is that it wasn’t someone with a gigantic trouser snake, know what I’m sayin’? Although that’s just a hunch.

But there are lots of flaws with some of the assumptions being made here. Firstly, how do you really measure intelligence? How much stock should we put in an IQ test? I mean, IQ tests are great if you’re good at shapes and numbers and all that sh*t. Some other stuff, they don’t measure. Like, just say, you’re the leading world expert on, I dunno, the European red-breasted swallow, and have an encyclopedic knowledge of everything pertaining to that creature. But you happen to be hopeless at maths. You will suck at IQ tests - does that mean you are unintelligent?

The sort of person often considered primitive or backward in traditional Western thinking – let’s say a tribesman from New Guinea, for example – is pretty damn intelligent if you ask me. He typically can build a house, make clothing and weapons, hunt all kinds of animals, find edible plants, knows which leaf is used to make poison and which leaf cures headaches. Would he do well on an IQ test? Perhaps not.
I on the other hand, consider myself to be of above average intelligence, and a couple of dodgy IQ tests seem to back that up. But I haven’t the faintest clue how to do any of those aforementioned things, which are actually more useful. However, our New Guinea tribesman probably can’t make witty pop culture references like I can, or analyse soccer tactics like I can, and probably can’t spell “iridescent” . Does that mean I’m smarter?

Many argue that IQ is genetic. I’m sure it is to a certain point, but what about environment? If your parents are morons and you are also a moron, is that because you were born of moronic stock, or that you were raised by morons? Also consider that external forces such as trauma and poor nutrition are known to lead to setbacks in brain development – which probably disadvantages people from poorer backgrounds and poorer countries.

Anyway… so how does one’s brain power correlate in any way with the dimensions of one’s todger? I mean, there are also theories that guys with big hands, or big feet, have a correspondingly big member. I have no idea of the truth of this, but if it were true, I can see how it would make sense, since its all about physical proportions.

But why would the brain and the wiener be inversely proportional to each other? Did God only have only a small amount of human tissue left with which to construct us, meaning that He had to choose between our two most important organs? It has been said many a time that men think with their genitals, perhaps there is such a mental/groinal link after all.

How does this work in evolutionary and biological terms? Remember that the key to evolutionary survival is the ability to score a mate and hence pass on one’s genes to offspring. If well-endowed men do indeed tend to have less mental acuity, is that because they don’t need it? I mean, are the magnificently hung at such an evolutionary advantage that they don’t need smarts in order to pass on their meaty genes on to the next generation? If so, what does this say about male-female relations throughout the history of human evolution? Do females choose partners based primarily on the size of their love truncheon? Did cavemen merely have to display their wares to attract a mate? Does this still apply today? And if I tried it, would I get arrested?

Is brain power an evolutionary compensation for lack of penile endowment? In order to attract a mate, do men with less-impressive toolkits have to rely on cunning and nous to make up for their deficiency in length? Did we have nerdy cavemen ancestors who were able to write out calculus on cave walls, thus bestowing upon them greater status with which to compete with the well-packaged but less canny competition?

And if there truly is a correlation between brains and dong proportions, how far do you take this theory? Is a member of MENSA likely to have the genitalia of a small rodent? Should women who seek the beefiest of sausages be looking for a partner in an institution for the intellectually disabled?

And where does race fit in with all this? I have no idea.

I will say this however: East Asians are generally more small-statured and with a more compact body shape than Europeans and Africans. People of African origin tend to be the tallest and longest-limbed. Is it then not logical that their body parts will be in similar proportion?

As for my own proportions, well that’s personal. But if this theory is true, well I have Asian blood and possibly a high IQ… so I guess that tells you all you need to know about the calibre of weapon I have in my holster. But as they say, its what you do with it that counts, right? So maybe an Asian's wedding tackle may not be so dazzling size-wise, but they'll have the smarts to do some crazy intricate kung-fu sh** with it which will blow your frickin' mind. Maybe.

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  1. A documentary by David Suzuki pointed out that although most men fall within the normal range, these same men feel inadequate with regards to the size of their wangs. I take comfort in the fact that according to some female writers in the area, the first third of a woman's cherry blossom is the most sensitive. And besides, penetration need not be the main course. According to the same above authors, while there is variation from woman to woman, many prefer indirect/direct clitoral stimulation - hands down (or not).

    And by the way, the last line had me laughing out loud: "...crazy intricate kung fu sh**..." :) Love your work...


  2. TThis subject reminds me of an extensive study by a Canadian academic called Phillippe Rushton; Race, Evolution and Behaviour. (I prefer you title though!)

    Rushton begins by saying that it is not racist or xenophobic to explore the many different physiological differences between the races and their behaviour.

    Reproductive organ size comparison, cranial capacity and behaviour were linked in his study to 'nature' rather than 'nurture'.

    Being half Singapore and half Scottish I would like to think I have the best of both worlds, although I may have ended up with neither...

  3. @ thatsgreatforme: I bet you enjoy eating Hainan chicken rice while wearing a kilt.
    I don't know anything about Rushton's research. Regarding organ size and cranial capacity, I have no doubt those are genetic (ie. due to "nature".) However, behaviour is a different matter. I'm sure at least some of us are predisposed to certain things, but last time I checked, we all had a choice in what we do.

  4. I have a higher than average IQ-- 125--the average is 100, and I am black, fully black. According to these studies, my IQ is supposed to be around 80, the "norm" for blacks. Does that make me special or not really black?

  5. @ Orator - that raises another question - is a black man with a small penis also special, or not really black?

    (I don't have an answer, by the way.)

    One reason I am very sceptical of the studies such as you've mentioned, is that 80 IQ is on the borderline of being officially intellectually disabled. Now, there are plenty of black folks of seemingly average and above-average intelligence walking around. That would mean that to balance the equation and come up with an average IQ of 80, there must be a whole heap of retarded black head-cases walking around who can barely spell their own name. Which, frankly, I just don't see.
    Again, I don't put that much stock in statistics on this stuff. For example, here's one: George W Bush's SAT scores place him in the top 16% of all college applicants. Think on that.

  6. I think someone ought to point out that there has NEVER been any conclusive study conducted whatsoever linking IQ to genealogy. And that's worth noting, because of the teeming masses of agenda-based research that has tried desperately to prove that there was some link there.

    We all come from the same gene pool, with (mathematically speaking) the very slightest of deviations. Because these deviations are so slight, most things we try to pin down on family, nationality, ethnicity and race (yes, the last three are different distinctions), are a total crap-shoot. Being smart or stupid; being fat, skinny or muscular, being straight or gay, having large breasts or small ones, being big or small in the pants--there's no way to determine any of those things based on other people you look like.

    Also, having big feet doesn't mean you're hung, and having a big head doesn't mean you're smart. Sure, that sounds obvious, but it's just as stupid to think those are conclusive as it is to think race is. Please please please, don't buy into the age-old Eurocentric "three bears" agenda: Blacks are stupid and hung like horses; Asians are great at math but packing like infants; but White guys, like the "baby bear" of lore, are "just right." Not too smart to make a woman feel dumb, and not so huge that he'll give her a hysterectomy.

  7. But there are lots of flaws with some of the assumptions being made here. Firstly, how do you really measure intelligence?

    Not only that- how do you really measure a penis?

    The question sounds stupid, but it's more than valid. Exact measuring points are not known here, each study takes another method of measuring. Also, and this is more important, various studies show that measuring "that kind of things" is never good in lab conditions and never give good results because a man can't be relaxed- (or un-relaxed) enough. But if you make him measure himself in privacy of his own home, and report the result- surprise, surprise, you won't get an accurate result because, *shock* many of them would lie.

    Sorry about this whole rant, but hey, these kind of studies are really popular around the world, and they mean nothing. Nothing.

    Or do they? Because, hey, if you take white men for example, you see their intelligence and "package" are considered to be average (compared to "intelligent Asians with little penises" and "dumb black men with large penises"). So, white men are seen to get "the best from both worlds"- to be intelligent, but still able to satisfy women. Yes, yes, I know penis size has nothing to do with being a good lover (believe me, I know), but it's all about the image.

    1. Nope, most white men aren't good looking or special in anyways, and would be seen as inferior to a good looking Asian dude.

  8. @ Mira - I hear ya. I don't put all that much stock in those kind of studies, which is why you may have detected that this post is somewhat less than serious.

    I don't know much about measuring penises either. I don't even measure my own, I'm too afraid to hear the result.

  9. I don't know how to do it, either. I don't even have one to being with.

    What I do know results (as biased as possible), do show that average is something that popular culture considers "small". I admit, I once read a supposedly serious paper on this matter, and, while there were differences in average size throughout the world, the difference was, in fact, very small. Not worth the hype.

    In any case, this doesn't change the fact that sort of research often end up being really racist.

    1. An erect penis of 6 inches is considered average. Now many people in popular culture will say this is small but really it isn't as small as they think. The problem is a lot of people over estimate penis sizes and this has blurred reality. Look at all these people who think there are a bunch of penises in porn that are in the double digits 10" + when the truth is most of the guys who are considered hung or endowed in porn are really 7-8" erect. There are a couple guys who get up around 9-10" but I don't think there is anyone over 10" in porn. It is common for people to over estimate size when they look at a penis. A penis that is really 6" many will estimate it to be 7" some may even say it is 8". Studies have actually shown people normally over estimate penis size.

  10. Hi Eurasian Sensation, love reading your blog.
    I am a native of Borneo with mixed parentage of Iban, Bidayuh (native tribes of Borneo, Malay, Arab and Irish descent. My IQ is 139 according to Mensa. Like any man I am insecure but apparently I am well endowed, according to my beautiful girlfriend and some past partners.
    So I am Asian, packing some heat and pretty smart. And I dont think I am the odd one out.
    I have Asian friends who, sorry for saying this, are quite stupid. Some are well hung. I have African friends who feel insecure about their size. I have white friends who have pencil dicks and think Asia is China.

    In summary, I agree with you and Mira.

  11. I have seen tons and tons of porn, and I have yet to see Asians in porn with large dicks. And believe me, I have seen porn from just about every country. If well-hung Asian men do exist, why do they never proudly display their mythological members on the xxx screen??? I've seen all the other races proudly show of their large penises in porn, except for Asians. This makes me wonder....

  12. Great site about Race, IQ and penis size,this information really helped me , I really appreciate it,I will visit when ever i have found the stuff That i have been searching for in all the web for, keep up the great work!

  13. You pose some questions that are scientific in nature and then try to answer these questions in a non scientific way. It's like a kid asking you why the sky is blue and instead of talking about light refracting in the atmosphere you tell him the sky is full of water and we live in a giant fish bowl. That's what people used to actually believe, but they resolved that question through the scientific method. So...unless you want to talk science, I don't see any point in raising the questions.

  14. You make the common mistake of confusing culture/knowledge with intelligence. You can be an erudite and still be pretty dumb. You can be a genius and know very little (although geniuses tend to know a lot).

    Additionally, you seem to have no idea of what an IQ test entails. Real IQ tests, not internet based massive quizes, test several types of cognitive abilities, like short term memory, spatial ability, verbal ability, and numerical ability (not math).

    Interestingly enough, smarter people are usually as good with numbers as they are with words.

    Also many of the people commenting seem to lack understanding of what "average" means. The fact that the average IQ is 100, does not mean that you are supposed to have an IQ of around 100. It means that most people (68%) have an IQ between 90 and 110. To make sense of the data you need to know the average and the standard deviation. Of course a basic understanding of statistics, and specifically the "normal distribution" curve is imperative if one wants to talk cogently about these matters.

  15. These studies about penis size are pointless. Show me a study about which men like to give oral sex and clitoral stimulation. That is all that matters.

  16. Some women do have a preference for a larger size but it's only a very small component in what is important for a woman. As thelady says, this is a non issue in most cases.

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion in the ocean!

  19. Wrong. There has never been a single study that showed Asians to have smaller penises. You may (or may not) be referring to the charlatan J. Philippe Rushton who has proposed such a theory that Asians both have high IQs and smaller penises but he does not have any empirical data to back up the last claim and sparse data to back up the first. He used an online opinion poll from a pornographic site to "prove" his claim about Asian being of smaller size. You should learn a bit about the empirical science and cite sources because making claims like saying that "studies have been done" showing such and such. No such study was ever done showing that which actually measured and compared across ethnicities. Please use some critical thinking next time before believing anything you read.


  20. @ Melektaus:

    Please use some critical thinking next time before you come to the conclusion that I am deadly serious about this post.

  21. Oh, I see, so you were not serious at all, just kidding about all this nonsense. I see. Yeah...

  22. Look, if you read this post, and my earlier comments in this thread and still conclude that I seriously believe any of the stuff about Asians having smaller penises, then you need to read it again.

    I kinda thought that my lines about Asians doing crazy kung fu shit with their dicks, and people from MENSA possibly having the IQ of small rodents, would be clear enough indication that most of this post is just shit-talking.

  23. I didn't say you believed Asians have smaller penises. Are you illiterate? I said that you believed there has been studies done showing it. I quote you:

    "There have been studies done that suggest that there is a relationship between race, penis size and intelligence.


    I’m just saying, the studies have been done. "

    That's the part I refuted. There has been NO scientific studies done showing so.

  24. Yes, I'm illiterate. My secret shame.

    What Rushton did counts as a study. That doesn't mean it has any value, or that is was based on empirical evidence. I'm just saying someone studied it.

  25. Then what you are saying is misleading because they were not scientific studies; they were online polls from an internet chat board. It's misleading to call such research methods "studies". They are not studies and it is misleading people into thinking that actual scientific studies have been done showing something when none have been. By doing that you contribute to advancing the stereotype.

  26. A study = when someone studies something.

    I also imply that it very well might be bullshit and also imply that Rushton may have done the study to compensate for his own small penis.
    And again, as I said, no one is meant to take this post particularly seriously, which I presumed was apparent from the amount of obvious bullshit it contains.

  27. No, 'study', as a noun and used in the context you used, means empirical study. It's a misleading statement to call internet chat board polls a study on penis size. When you use misleading words like that, you unintentional spread the myth. If I made a poll on some chat board and had people vote on you to be a fool, it would be misleading for me to say that "studies show Asian Sensation to be a fool".

  28. I'll agree to disagree with you on that one.
    I look forward to voting on your chat board. I like polls.

  29. Is that what you really think or do you just not want to admit you're wrong?

  30. Honestly? You can interpret "studies" in different ways. If you wish to believe that readers will only interpret one particular meaning of the word, that is your prerogative. Maybe you are correct. My own view is that the overall context of the post is more important. There have been plenty of "studies" done throughout history that have since been debunked as nonsense or as bad science. So to my mind, describing something as a study does not imply endorsement of its empirical correctness.

  31. Boys boys boys.

    Can't you play nice with an innocent topic like this?

    Some could interpret this as "the lady doth protest too much!'

    I may be totally wrong but I read the Rushton book 10 years ago and quoted it here back in 09, the study was not an internet poll on porno, but a study into the sizes of people in the American military. Admittedly there are way more black people in the US army than say, Koreans or Chinese.

    If we can't play nicely together and discuss these topics openly then pseudo intellectuals with too much time on their hands would ruin good banter for the rest of us.

  32. "Honestly? You can interpret "studies" in different ways"

    That's not the same thing as using it misleadingly as you have clearly done. If you use it many people will interpret it (justifiably given the context) as suggesting that there was a scientific study when there was not.

    "that's greatforme"

    You don't seem to know what you are talking about. I've read the Rushton book. It contains no studies on penis size from the military. Maybe you have it confused with something else? Perhaps your own "experiences" with penises within the military?

  33. As much as it endlessly fascinates me to discuss the different contextual nuances of the level of empirical scientific authenticity implied by the phrase "studies have been done", I zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  34. Correct, it is boring. Nothing is more boring than petty quibbling over semantics when one should have just accepted the fact that one used a word misleadingly as it clearly is the case here.

  35. I'm gay andyou'll be supprised how many black guys are musing the junk. And who did these studies? Your telling me a guy went around taking off every guys (billions of guys) trousers just to look at their penis then see how smart they are? unlikely, and I know a lot of smart africans. So what your saying at the started is flawed and sounds like you just replaced racial stereotyping with research.

  36. @ Guy: I don't disagree with you at all. If you'd read the whole post properly you might have worked that one out.

  37. Well, I'm a good example. I have an IQ of 140 and I don't have a penis.
    Now that I've bragged about my IQ, gotta say this post is funny as hell. Connection between homo's sapiens and erectus, throw in race - LOL. Never heard this one before. So, does that mean we females have better IQ than males?
    Totally agree on the IQ point. It has always bugged me that this 'measure of intelligence' is only a measure of English and basic maths and bit of certain type of pattern recognition. So how can a multi-dimensional thing like intelligence be measured by these IQ tests?

  38. @ anglesanddimensions:
    "I have an IQ of 140 and I don't have a penis."
    Maybe you should get one. Carry it around in your pocket or something.

    So, does that mean we females have better IQ than males?
    Apparently, on average men have a slightly higher IQ. Except when they have an erection, at which point their IQ drops 30 points on average.

  39. Aw, with penis size being inversely proportional with IQ, I thought we'd have an Everest high IQ.
    What about Indian males then, normally their phalli are about 5 cm, yet Lynn says we Indians have on average an IQ of 87. God is seriously racist against Indians :-?

    1. Indians aren't a race, the average Australoid Indian penis 5.54 inches, and the upper caste Indians who have more invader blood in them have high iq levels, India never had proper analysis done it. The Indian condom study said that 6/10 Indian men were 5 -6.1 inches, with an average of 5.54 inches.

  40. @ angles:
    Both those stats for Indians seem odd to me, but particularly the one about penis size. Genetically Indians are not all that far removed from Europeans, so it's strange that their penis size would be markedly different.

    Again, I have no experiences with Indian linggam so can offer no personally acquired data to support or contradict here.

  41. Russell Eisenman's research into women's perceptions of sexual satisfaction considered penis size and width. Fifty sexually active women aged between 18 and 25 years old were asked, "In having sex, which feels better, length of penis or width of penis?" No consideration was given to issues like love, physical attractiveness or romantic feelings.

  42. i'm a 32 year old straight white guy with a 7" uncut penis, but if a black guy flopped his cock out in front of me i would have to drop to my knees and suck it, just to see how big it gets, black guys have generally bigger than average, bigger the better

  43. @ Anon:
    Um, yeah, ok... thanks for sharing.

  44. No Orator, your IQ is not supposed to be anything. Don't confuse averages with distributions. According to studies there are tens of thousands of blacks in America with genius level IQ's, yet the average is about 85. It is totally consistent. And, Eurasian Sensation, don't confuse knowledge with ability to reason. Just because an individual possesses vast knowledge passed down from generation to generation doesn't make them smart.

  45. Penis size is not related to race at all, it's just a racist sexual myth.

    Those who choose to believe in this myth are usually insecure about their masculinity, they have low self esteem and rely on this myth as a self esteem booster.

    Sad but True.

    So next time some says "I have a big one" you know they are just another sad case and big loser in life.

  46. What about the theory(?) that male Jews (Ashkanazim) have generally high IQs but are supposed to also have large penises and be hyper-sexual? Such giftedness!

    May I add this side note:
    I read recently (but can't recall where)that research has found that women with hour glass figures are typically brainier, and produce children with higher than average IQs.

  47. how many asians have you had sex with tek?

  48. ha, ha,

    Well, I can tell you based upon my many years of "scientific" research which has involves watching a lot of porn, featuring all races, the stereotypes tend to hold. Maybe Japanese (or other E. Asian countries) don't select their male porn stars based on penis size like they are on other areas?

    I had also heard that condom makers send the biggest condoms to places like Africa and the smallest to China, Japan, etc. Can't find my source at the moment.

  49. Orator, NO you are still black. You have a much higher-than-average IQ for blacks. You balance this, no doubt, by possession of an incredibly tiny penis.

    Penis size and brain capacity are inversely related. The more of one, the less of the other.

    This is because the body has only limited resources to develop either organ, and thus specialization (in either organ) occurs. Hence, big black penii with small brains, and small Oriental penii with big brains. Simples.

  50. I took an IQ test in junior high and scored in the 97th percentile. I never found my number and now I'm 40 and probably not as smart, but since we're bragging ...

    I'm fully Asian, though Indian, and thank Bhagwan I'm a female because I'd really hate to walk around wondering what people think of my winkie as we debate whether or not we are more wave than solid matter (I actually know nothing about this stuff, but I swear I was smart in Jr. High. Truth is, I worry that I'm not Asian enough) That's a lot of pressure and the kind of racism that is REALLY hard to overcome. How exactly would you go about dispelling the myths? You can't just whip it out and slap it on the lab counter after confirming the competing lab's isolation of the imunoglobulin-93 factor was invalid because of contamination. Every accomplishment would feel so ... diminishing.

    Are there such rumors regarding female genetalia or prowess, I wonder? If not, it adds another layer of doubt the the potential validity of any such studies.

    Thanks for the laugh.

    I've never even seen an Indian dong. I'm so curious now.

    1. Average Indian penis is 5.54 inches, and Indians are NOT Mongoloid Asians, they're a mixture of ANI and ASI, the ASI are Australoids related to the Australian Aborigines, and the ANI are Middle Eastern invaders. Richard Lynn used the flaccid length from an old 1980 Internet study, ethnic muse dot com shows that medical report, the erect length was 5.4 inches, and even real medical facts gave Indian men 5.54 inches, not sure which ethnic group in India though, seems like the low caste Dravidian, because they used them in the Mumbai study, but even 5.54 inches is average. Here is proof


      and here is a 9 inch Indian


  51. Really loved reading your weblog post. The information was very informative and helpful. I hope you proceed posting and updating frequently. Wanting forward to your next one.

  52. I hate your blog alot hate it.I have a beter bllog than this.

    1. No, I think my "bllog" is still better than yours.

  53. I have not seen a survey on size and performance. I was told by my lover that large penis takes forever to get up so her jaw get a lot of excerize before she gets pleasure.

    Before the Viagra era, I recall seeing these big black dicks on screen that take forever to get erected. The girl is required to provide a 20 mins BJ and when the black guy is only 65% eracted, he comes.

    Of course, nowadays, they can all hide behind Viagra.

    1. Yeah, not sure how you would test that one, mate.

    2. Posting as an anonymous for semi-obvious reasons. As a guy that has somewhat larger penis than average I can first confirm that the "takes long to get up" is total bullcrap. I get excited just as well as the next guy and it takes just a few seconds for it to wake up if I am excited.

      But it's not exactly all roses. Only two of the girls I've been with (including my current girlfriend) have had enough natural lubrication that I haven't needed extra lube when doing it. This has made spontaneous "Hey, I want you now though we're in a shopping mall. Let's sneak by to the public toilet for a quickie" almost impossible.

      Getting a blowjob is rather difficult when not in one-night stand because a hurting jaw is not an aphrodisiac for girls.

      And did I mention yet that the condom companies are screwing me over (Used to be a problem when I was studying) with correctly sized condoms that cost for almost one euro per piece?

      All in all, I'd honestly rather have an average sized one. Going too far to either extreme gives a lot of problems as the world is designed for the average person in mind. Especially as being average in this respect probably ends up giving roughly the same pleasure for both parties. Just, without all the problems :)

      And back to the main topic of the blog. I'd just like to point out there are very different cultural norms of attractiveness. For example, in Asia "youthfulness" and relatedly, not very large stature is highly appreciated. Where-as more in the West longer legs and mature face is a popular standard of beauty.
      Culture and society drives a lot about what is seen as attractive, just like in the past, being overweight and pale was seen as attractive (it signified that you did not have to work hard outdoors for a living), just like nowadays tanned and slim is seen as attractive (this means you have free time to spend at beach or tanning salon, and at the gym instead of working). This is an effect of the Handicap Principle (More reading: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handicap_principle )

      Intelligence though I believe comes from entirely different factors, one of them might be the effect of nutrition, and more exactly, development of agriculture around the world. Asia used to be one of the pioneers in this field which could possibly explain the above average intelligence.
      Basically agriculture allowed the developing human beings access to an easy source of nutrients which allowed their brains to develop as far as possible, thus creating a civilization that ended up valuing intelligence more as it started to be at a level where it gave a practical difference.
      Source for last paragraph: http://www.medical-hypotheses.com/article/S0306-9877(04)00041-6/abstract

    3. Replying to myself here because I forgot to add something.
      And I don't mean that you would have ignored these two topics. The gist of what I mean't to say, that I forgot to add there, was that the culture in Africa used to be a warrior culture, with traditionally masculine traits (such as being big, strong) being valued much more than in Asia where they didn't give as much of an advantage in terms of taking care of the family, and the tribe/town. This combined with the increase in agriculture, might be enough to explain the difference in average intelligence and penis size, and why they correlate, even though there is no line of causation.

    4. I need to say something here, my dad, God love him, taught my brother and I a secret when he noticed we where getting older.... the power of thoughts... If you control your ideas, you can stay away a load.... im gay, my husband LVOES me....

  54. According to penis measurement experts, the size of the erection changes based on the intensity of the arousal and is also dependent on the time of the day. Therefore, it is best to measure your penis thrice – morning, afternoon and night – and average out the sum to arrive at the correct length and girth.

    This can be quite a task especially when it comes to measuring your girth – imagine, you have to measure it 9 times during the day (3 places on the penis X 3 times)!

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