Thursday, June 18, 2009


Mokkori-kun - a character used to promote mushrooms, apparently.

The word "mokkori" in Japanese refers to the sound of something rising abruptly, or sticking out on a flat surface. It is also used as slang for an erection, and funnily enough, the sound of a man suddenly getting an erection. (So next time you think sexy thoughts, fellas, listen closely and see if it sounds like "Mokkori!")

For a Western cultural parallel, think of the term "schwing!" as used in the Wayne's World films.

The term was apparently popularised in the 80s anime City Hunter - the main character Saeba referring to an opportunity for sex as a "mokkori chance."

Obviously the Japanese are not the only culture to figure out that erections are funny, but the mokkori phenomenon in popular culture is surely one of those "only in Japan" type things.

For example, there is the "mokkori bomber" doll...

While the Marimokkori doll is also a popular purchase.

And then of course, there is the TV show called "Mokkori", which is basically about a guy walking around with a massive erection straining to get out of his tight shorts. Hilarity ensues. Yep, that's the entire show. Check it:

Wouldn't the world be a more fun place if every guy just yelled "Mokkori!" everytime they got a boner? Try it and see.


  1. One of the gals in the video is Chisato Morishita

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