Monday, June 8, 2009

Interracial dating in the USA

Some interesting info over at Yahoo Personals in regard to racial preference in dating.

Did you know that until 1967, it was illegal in many states to marry outside one's race?

Also according to 2006 statistics, there were 530,000 married couples in which the husband was white and the wife was Asian; yet only 174,000 Asian husband/ white wife couples.

That'd be no suprise to many. In Australia I'm sure it follows a similar pattern, at least judging by the couples I see on the street. I myself am a product of such a union, so I can vouch that it's totally rockin'. However, it's a bit of a shame really that there exists such an imbalance across the gender divide. I mean, people can't really help who they are attracted to, but the perception of Asian males, particularly in popular culture and media is often not as flattering as I'm sure they would like. And traditional concepts of masculinity, which certainly have their flaws, are often not kind to the Asian male.

There is a similar disparity with black/white interracial marriages. 286,000 black husband/ white wife married couples, compared to 117,000 white husband/ black wife couples. Anyone got any sociological point of view on this?

Seems like as good a time as any to have a look at Wong Fu Productions' classic short film Yellow Fever. Way over-acted, but still funny.

Hat tip: Angry Asian Man


  1. I support interracial relationships. Maybe that's just silly me, believing in stereotypes, but hey, at least I admit it.

    Of course, I don't really think people should engage in interracial relationship just for the sake of it. Or because they want to try something new. Or to annoy their parents. There are better ways to do it.

    And no, there's nothing wrong with same race relationship, but I am a strong supporter of interracial ones.

    Now, it looks like there are more white men/Asian women and black men/white men relationships (or so I heard). I have no idea why black women don't like white men (or is it that white men don't like black women?)

    But Asian women... There's this stereotype of an exotic, submissive yet sexy, Asian woman that, obviously, many (white) men believe in.

    And Asian men? Well, popular culture and media was harsh on them, I admit it. And since most of the people believe in everything they see/hear on TV... You see the problem. Personally, I find Asian men more attractive than Asian women. Wait... That's because I'm straight. Never mind.

    The point is, who cares about this crap? Two people meet, and if they like each other, they'll be together (provided none of them is racist).

  2. @ Mira:
    "I have no idea why black women don't like white men (or is it that white men don't like black women?)"

    Not sure since I find lots of black women extremely hot. But I think that some men are intimidated by the stereotype of the sassy, strong black woman. While the submissive Asian woman stereotype does appeal to some, by contrast.

  3. But why do (many) men find submissive women attractive?

  4. ^ Well, the traditional gender stereotype is the male as the protector and tough guy. Some men feel emasculated by strong women.

    It's not so different to the common preference (from both sexes) that the male be taller than the female.

    1. Men do not like girly jerks, or jerkettes, especially if they are traditional and even insecure, which is sometimes common among Asian guys. They always want to be the protector and the tough man which is another reason why they don't like bad girls. And women are attracted to feisty men, especially if they are raised in traditional households to be silent and less assertive, even though feisty men can be dangerous.

  5. I like Spike Lee's take on interracial dating in Jungle Fever-
    Starts from about 8mins and 50 seconds of this clip-

    I do date black men; but I also
    date Chinese, Latino, Jewish...
    the full spectrum.

    That's not a consolation
    for this particular argument...

    - that we're having.
    - It's not supposed to be.

    You think I should date black
    men, but I'm gonna date who I like.

    Give me a man,
    regardless of color,

    who is nice to me, sweet to me,
    and who I believe loves me.

    Inez, I'm not the rainbow-fucking kind.

    You are the leading rainbow girl.

    We know this about you.

    If it will make you happy, I'll
    make a pilgrimage to Africa...

    the motherland, and find
    myself a true tribesman.

    - A true Asiatic black man.
    - With a dick down to his knees,

    to keep me happy
    for days.

    - Oooh! Zulu dick!
    - That's right, girl.

    - I'm gonna get serious
    Zulu dick in the bush.
    - What a nasty!

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