Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Global funk connections: Soul Jugglers

When I think of Pinoys (if you ain't down, that means Filipinos) and their musical tastes, two things immediately spring to mind: cheesy karaoke, and black music. Yep, there is some spiritual connection that Pinoys have with soul and hip-hop; perhaps it was an influence from US servicemen who have long had Urban music scenes in both the US and Australia have a strong Filipino presence.

This affinity goes back a long way it seems, at least to the 70s. I have very little info on Manila-based disco-funksters the Soul Jugglers, but on the evidence of these tracks "Pakinggan Mo" and "Pinoy Disco", they knew how to bring the funk. Fat horns, bouncy clavinet and a tight rhythm lock that would fit in well alongside their US contemporaries, acts like Kool & the Gang, BT Express and Fatback Band.

Note that there is also a US hip-hop crew called Soul Jugglers, who as far as I can tell are completely unrelated to the Pinoy band.

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