Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chihuahua tasered and shot 3 times by Cincinnati police

When the Bullock family of the Cincinnati suburb of Blue Ash returned home from a funeral, they found blood and bullet shell casings on their front porch, and a note to call the police about their dog, WCPO reports.

According to police, the Bullocks' pet chihuahua-mix named Jack had gotten loose on the street. When officers arrived and tried to catch it, it had bitten an officer on the hands 26 times. They tried to shoot this terrifying beast (pictured) with a taser, but when that did not seem to work, they apparently had no choice but to pump 3 bullets into it.

Wow. That is treatment that US cops usually only reserve for black people. Oh, and 72-year old great-grandmothers.

It seems to me that in the time it takes a dog to bite someone 26 times, you'd have time to consider some options, like: "Hey, maybe cornering this animal is not a good idea." Or: "How about we get experts from the SPCA to try and catch this dog instead." Or: "How about we find a cage, or a bag, to catch it with."

There is apparently no truth to the rumour that the police sprinkled crack on the dog's body afterwards.

They oughtta keep these vicious beasts off the streets if you ask me. The police, I mean.

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  1. Three bullets to kill this poor scared little dog? I guess it didn't occur to them that maybe the dog was scared. How can that be? I hope the officers superiors will evaluate how they handled this and consider more intense training for them. If they couldn't handle this any better than the way they did what are they like with humans? I shudder to think.