Monday, May 25, 2009

Meet Namata, Flava Flav's Cameroonian clone and world's greatest dancer

Prevailing stereotype: black people are cool and are great dancers

Case for: James Brown, Usher, Gregory Hines, Shabbadoo and pretty much every other black person.

Case against: The following video from Namata. He's a Cameroonian singer - well, "entertainer" might be a better word - based in Denmark. Swiftly becoming a Youtube sensation, he's getting attention beyond his wildest dreams, though perhaps for not all the right reasons.

So while its terribly uncool to laugh at dark-skinned people from developing countries, its still not as uncool as Namata, so its OK. He even looks like he's trying to drug the drink of the chick in this video. So enjoy as he makes himself look like a sex offender, and redefines the art of modern dance in the process.

1 comment:

  1. He's a tool! And a toy. His dancin is questionable. It's not even in beat. It may be in time, but thats a whole different story.