Friday, May 8, 2009

Guess Who's Asian? (Part 4)

Asianness is everywhere, in places you might not expect...

First up: Vanessa Hudgens, actress and singer, best known for starring in the movie High School Musical. Her father is of Native American and Irish heritage. Her Mum: Filipino, Chinese and Spanish.

Super Cat
is one of the giants of dancehall reggae - those not into the ragga stuff might know him from collabs with Sugar Ray, Puff Daddy or Method Man. Without having a good look at him, I always just assumed this guy was Afro-Caribbean, yet he is Jamaican of Indian background; his real name is William Maragh.

Remember Phoebe Cates? The 80s teen actor (left), best known for Fast Times at Ridgemont High, has Chinese Filipino descent via her maternal grandmother.

Speaking of 80s stars, Meg Tilly (left) starred in The Big Chill and won a Golden Globe for her title role in Agnes of God. Born Margaret Chan, her father is Chinese American.

Her sister Jennifer Tilly (below left) is known as an actress in many roles (most of which seemingly involve shots of her cleavage - not complaining, just saying...) and also as a professional poker player.

You may recognise British actress Mona Hammond (below); she's been in Eastenders, White Teeth, and 10,000 BC among other works. She was born in Jamaica to a black mother and Cantonese father.

Actress Lindsay Price is known for her roles on Lipstick Jungle, The Bold and the Beautiful and lots of other chicky stuff. She's got a Korean mother and German-Irish descent on her Dad's side.

US athlete Bryan Clay is the current Olympic champion in decathlon. Texan-born but raised in the melting pot that is Hawaii, he has an African-American father and Japanese mother.

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  1. Given that you live in Australia, I wonder why You never mentioned Kostya Tszyu? This year he was inducted along with Mike Tyson, Julio Cesar Chavez and actor Sylvester Stallone into The International Boxing Hall of Fame ( As far as I know, he has a Korean father and a Russian mother.

  2. You forgot about Marcel Nguyen, perhaps the most HANDSOMEST male in the world!!! His father is a Free Vietnamese and his mother is German.

  3. Chloe Bennett, née Wang on The Agents of Shield. Shay Mitchell on Pretty Little Liars.