Sunday, May 3, 2009

Global funk connections: Drunken Tiger

Korean hip-hop, as a concept, would not have struck me as an especially good idea. No offense to Koreans, its just that rapping doesn't necessarily work with every language and accent. And a well-traveled friend of mine, who spent considerable time in Korea, spoke none-too-kindly about Korean rap. So that kinda prejudiced me from the get go.

But if you hang out in Korean karaoke bars as I sometimes do (Melbourne has a number of them), you can stumble upon something unexpected and awesome. So I'm prepared to be corrected.

Don't know a whole lot about Drunken Tiger, some Korean-American guys who decamped to the motherland to blow up the emergent local hip-hop scene. But I'm totally feeling this track, "Good Life"; it has a slammin' beat that borrows from the classic Xzibit joint "Paparazzi", and the guys have a strong flow. Of course, I have absolutely no idea what they are saying, apart from the bit where they yell out "Come on!" But that's OK.

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