Friday, May 22, 2009

Disgraceful attacks on Indians continue in Melbourne

Dammit. I can't understand what the hell is going on in this town.

Another attack on a young Indian man, minding his own business on his way home on the train from work. Again, it occurred in the Western suburbs. 21-year-old Sourabh Sharma beaten by a gang of youths - not an "ethnic gang" as some commentators may try to spin it, just a group of kids of mixed ethnicity, united in thuggery.

It was caught on video - you can catch it below (you may have to sit through a 30-second ad first).

Cowardly is the first word that comes to mind to describe the attack.

There's an impassioned article about this issue in the Age by Nazeem Hussein, a Sri Lankan/Australian comedian, youth worker and director of the Islamic Council of Victoria.

Racism has always been around in Australia, but this epidemic of racist attacks is not something we tend to see often, until now. To the Victorian Government, the police, the public transport operator Connex - this has reached crisis point. Do something now.

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