Friday, May 22, 2009

Dan Choi and "Don't Ask Don't Tell"

In news from the States this week, Korean-American Dan Choi, a veteran of the Iraq conflict and an Arabic speaker (for which there is a clear demand), was discharged from the army after revealing himself as gay in a television interview.

As far as we know, Choi is a well-respected soldier, and his sexuality is not an issue with how he does his job. It's not like he's Carson from Queer Eye or anything.

Here is some footage of an interview with Choi.

If you want a different perspective, check here - doesn't strike me as a particularly convincing argument though.

But the best rebuttal comes from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Can't say it any better than they do.

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Dan Choi Is Gay
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Hat tip: Angry Asian Man

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