Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Clare the Kings Cross Bogan"

Sydney's latest internet celebrity is Clare Werbeloff, known less flatteringly as "Clare the Bogan" or "Clare the Kings Cross Bogan". She already has a Facebook group devoted to her with over 17,000 members, as well as 1500 members of the group "People that hate Clare the Kings Cross Bogan."

For a bit of background, last week police were investigating a shooting that occurred on the street in the busy entertainment precinct of Kings Cross. Of the many young people congregating around claiming to be witnesses, the Channel 9 reporter came upon Clare, who gave the following, rather entertaining account:

I cringe every time I hear her describing "...these two wogs fighting... and the fatter wog said to the skinnier wog, 'Hey bro! You slept with my cousin, eh?'"

Of course, it has now come out that Clare never actually witnessed the shooting and made up the whole thing.

But I ask: did anyone REALLY think she was a credible witness? Her account sounds exactly like a scene from SBS's show Pizza. And does anyone think "wogs" really talk like that? I mean, maybe a little, but are they really gonna use the phrase "I'll call all my fully sick boyz?"

I'm not sure if Clare is a budding comedian or just a bogan with racist tendencies.

Her Facebook page apparently says she is "loving the attention" and "You all got Punk'd."

Yes, we are laughing Clare, but I'm not sure that it's WITH you.

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