Sunday, May 24, 2009

China's Sex Theme Park opens... and closes

Above: Just another day at the office for Mr Wang.

On May 15th, China Daily describes the opening of a new sex-themed park in Chongqing entitled "Love Land":

Naked human sculptures, giant replica genitals, a photo exhibition about sex history and sex technique workshops.

Lu Xiaoqing, park manager, said Love Land would be useful for sex education and help adults "enjoy a harmonious sex life".

It will contain an exhibition about sex, including its history and practice in other countries, anti-AIDS measures and the proper use of condoms.

"We are building the park for the good of the public," Lu said.

"Sex is a taboo subject in China but people really need to have more access to information about it."

Wow, sounds either like a place of sexual enlightenment for the notoriously-repressed mainlanders, or like a Beastie Boys concert circa 1988 (what with all those giant genitals).

Yet a mere 3 days later, the park was getting the wrecking-ball treatment, the Communist party officials demanding its closure and destruction before it had even opened.

I guess one man's sex education is another man's vulgar pornography.

But fear not, there still exists a Love Land in the Korean city of Cheju. Apparently it is a popular tourist attraction for newlyweds.

Or alternatively if you still have a Love Land jones but can't get to Asia, you can track down the 2002 album of that name by R Kelly. Although the theme park probably pales into comparison with the freaky sh*t R Kelly gets up to.


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