Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I never knew Indians made sausages

Lots of Sikh-related stuff this week. Maybe I should declare it Sikh Week, or rename my blog "The Joy of Sikhs". (You can send your complaints to the comments box below.)

British-Asian company "Mr Singh's Bangras" has won an advertising award for their nifty idea of using edible ink to decorate their sausages. The design replicates the mehndi (henna) tattoo patterns typically worn by Indian brides. And the name bangras is a play on the term bangers (sausages) and banghra (a Punjabi dance style), I guess.

They look a bit freaky for mine, but so are the contents of your average sausage, so what the hey. These ones, however, are made from a mutton and lamb combination, and contain Indian spices and one variety even contains dates and apricots.

What, no minced-up pig anuses? It's scarcely fit to be called a sausage then.

(Hat tip: Sepia Mutiny)

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