Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fake Japaneseness

What do all these following clips have in common? Ostensibly, they are all Japanese. Or so you might think; in fact they are all produced by Western media. It's an approach to comedy and marketing which is increasingly common these days.

Are they racist? Funny? Clever? Stupid?
You be the judge.

This first one is a Swedish ad for a snack food called Hot Tub. Plenty of Asians in this clip, although whether any of them are actually Japanese is another question entirely.

This next one is from comedian Louis Katz. If you don't know what bukakke means, look it up. Although you can probably get the basic idea from this video.

The next one is taken from Banzai, a British game show that spoofs Japanese entertainment. Interestingly, when FOX bought the rights to screen Banzai in the US, the idea was soon canned after protests from Asian-Americans. Guy Aoki of Media Action Network for Asian-Americans described it as an "Asian minstrel show".

The last two are fake video game ads. I find the first one to be pretty cool, the second to be kinda painful.

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