Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random comic genius: Uncle Sameer goes to Frankston

Salam Cafe is a light-hearted panel-style chat show hosted by young Muslims, which debuted on Melbourne's Channel 31 before moving up to the big time (very relatively speaking) on SBS. The cast are a mixed bag of stand-up comedians, community workers and academics, of backgrounds including Egyptian, Malay, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, Oromo and Anglo-Australian. Since I know a couple of cast members, I have a soft spot for the show, although much of the time it tends to be not quite as funny as they think it is. The following sketch shows what the show is capable of though - funny, clever and politically astute, and a bit of ethnic humour thrown in for good measure.

If you ain't from Melbourne, Frankston is a fairly monocultural beachside suburb which is frequently perceived as a haven for bogans and lower-class types. Nazeem Hussain features as himself and his alter ego, Uncle Sam (Sameer).

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