Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Japanese entertainment - the dark side

Japanese popular culture in its many forms – be it anime, game shows, movies, music, cosplay and others – is well known for being weird and offbeat. Which is generally good thing. But there is good weird and bad weird.

Falling in the latter category are rape-simulation video games such as RapeLay and Battle Raper. Yes, the folks who brought you vending machines that dispense used schoolgirl underwear, hentai (porn anime), bukakke (ew!) and gokkan (ew ew ew!!!) have taken the concept to its logical conclusion - video games in which the object is to rape and molest women.

The game RapeLay has been in the news recently because while it is legally unavailable outside Japan, people in Australia have had access to it via illegal file-sharing websites.

Seriously, what kind of person gets into this stuff? And how is it legal at all, anywhere? I know this kind of stuff is never going to be completely stopped, but it beggars belief that Japan doesn’t ban this kind of stuff outright. Violent shoot-em-up video games are one thing – but rape games surely can not be justified as valid entertainment.

The thing trips me out the most is that in these games, all images of genitalia are pixellated out, since in Japan it is illegal to have them displayed in movies and games. So genitals themselves are the problem, rather than the heinous things being done with them.


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