Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm Movin' On

Yes, my old web address is no more. I thought I should do this blog thing properly, and noting that all the cool kids with blogs have domain names that include the blog title, I thought I should do what all the cool kids are doing.

I wanted eurasiansensation.blogspot.com, but that belongs to someone who's never posted anything yet for some reason has held on to that domain for several years. So I had to settle for the hyphen method (eurasian-sensation.blogspot.com), which is less pleasing, but hey, ya gotsta work with what ya gotsa work with I guess.

And although no-one will appreciate this but me and other ethnic nerds, the hyphen is actually kinda appropriate for a site dealing with the world of hyphenated people (Asian-Australians, African-Americans, Malaysian-Indians, etc etc).

Every move needs good movin' music (and plus without it this would be a pretty dull post), so with that in mind, enjoy Brass Construction's 1976 monster funk jam "Movin'".

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