Saturday, February 21, 2009


Here’s a rough transcript of a conversation I had yesterday with a friend of a friend. I believe she was Chinese or Vietnamese, in case you were wondering.

Me: “I’ve been looking for a housemate recently, so a few people have been coming round to check out the place. But the guy who came round this evening has just arrived from India, so he had trouble finding the place. He was an hour late.”

Her: “Don’t take him.”

Me: “Why not? He seems to be a nice guy.”

Her: “No, because he’s Indian. If I had a rental property I would never rent it out to Indians. I hear they are really messy, and they’ll just stink up the place.”

Me: “Really? See, my girlfriend is Indian, and she’s never stunk up my place.”

Her: “Oh… sorry.”

(Palpable awkwardness follows)

To the girl I was talking to, you seemed like a nice person, and I hope you learned the moral of this story: before sharing your potentially offensive opinions about a particular nationality with someone whom you barely know, think twice. You never know who they might be dating.

Oh, and to my lovely girlfriend: baby if you read this, you smell lovely.

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