Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shock and Horror: Black man says the N-Word

Most ridiculous "scandal" of the week goes to washed-up rapper Coolio, for perhaps the least controversial thing he has ever done. The UK's most reputable purveyers of tabloid muck, the News of the World and the Sun, have reported that Coolio, currently appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, recently mentioned the N-word in casual conversation.

Coolio, known to his moms as Artis Ivey Jnr (yeah, I'd probably call myself Coolio too), said the offending n-word while describing a dream to a fellow has-been pop star housemate.

For those of you who were born yesterday, that n-word is nigger. (Yeah, I said it.)

NOTW reports that Coolio is "well known for his hate-filled song lyrics", and... hang on, what? This is Coolio we're talking about here. If he is well known at all, it's for the songs Gangsta's Paradise and Fantastic Voyage. And I know he is a (air-quote warning) "gangsta" rapper and all, but of the half-dozen Coolio songs I've ever heard (which is 4 or 5 more than the average member of the public), I don't remember hearing anything I'd call hate filled. Mildly offensive to old ladies, perhaps.

Meanwhile the Sun gets in on the act, reporting that a previous BB housemate (an albino black man named Darnell), used the N-word THREE times while he was in the house. (I wrote THREE in capitals because the Sun did.)

The broader context is this: a housemate was ejected in 2007 for racial abuse involving the N-word towards a black housemate, while there was also an uproar over the racial bullying of Indian film star Shilpa Shetty in the house.

Yet these two black people got away with saying the n-word? The sky is falling!

I'm not sure how both newspapers have managed to ignore the frequent use of the n-word in the public domain by black people for the last 20 years, but for their benefit and yours if you need it, I'll break it down simply. Black people, you are allowed to use the n-word. Non-black people, you better not say it in public.

Some think that's unfair, and perhaps it is unfair that it is no longer considered cool for white folks to hurl racial epithets around at black folks. What a terrible loss of liberties! Oh, the oppression!

Coolio cooking up racial hatred yet again.

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